Global investors meet kerala 2012 presidential election

'Emerging Kerala ' to be held from September, 12 to 14, - The Economic Times

global investors meet kerala 2012 presidential election

Kerala has the eight largest economy in India. Service industry dominates the Kerala economy. Kerala's per capita GDP in was Rs, In , the state was the highest receiver of overall remittances to India which stood at as "Remittances from global capitalism are carrying the whole Kerala economy". A biennial global investment meet being organized by the Government of Kerala, will be held from September, 12 to 14, at Kochi. Jul 07, , AM IST Kerala has international airports in Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Kochi, the last being a joint sector project. presented at the forthcoming 'Emerging Kerala' global investor meet in September. fields, too,” said NK Sukumaran Nair, general secretary of Pampa Parirakshana Samithy.

global investors meet kerala 2012 presidential election

Agricultural scientist K P Prabhakaran Nair, who has served as a consultant with FAO, says that the state is heading for a crisis with only about 10 to 15 percent of the required rice being produced.

First cash crops, now real estate threaten paddy In his statement, V S Achutanandan has pointed out how leaders at the Centre, starting from Jawaharlal Nehru, have always pressurised the state to shift to cash crops with the promise of making good the deficit from other states. The shift had started right from the first Five Year Plan, in which the focus was on agriculture. The country was badly in need of foreign exchange then and the cultivation of spices, tea and rubber was encouraged on leased forestland and with huge subsidies.

The message was taken by the farmer. In the aftermath of the famine like situation in Kerala inthe promise to Kerala to make good the deficit was kept and statutory rationing was started.

Common people could get as much as two-thirds of the rice required apart from wheat from ration shops.

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Things however changed with economic reforms and targeted PDS became the norm. Rice availability through PDS reduced to as much as 86 per cent at one point of time.

GIM fetches Rs 26,000-cr investments for Kerala

Now the call is to convert paddy fields, for construction of hotels and self-financing institutions for investors. Airport cleared on paddy land The apprehensions of the public and environmentalists are not misplaced. On September 13, a panel of the Union environment ministry recommended clearance for the Aranmula International Airport on over ha of paddy field in Pathanamthitta district. The recommendation was made on the basis of an averment made by the promoters, K G S Aranmula International Airport Ltd, that there is no paddy cultivation happening there for the past 10 years and that the state government has notified the land as industrial area.

However, the local people including the Congress party office bearers refute this and claim that the land was under cultivation till A hartal was organised in Pathanamthitta on the first day of the Emerging Kerala conference to protest the sanctioning of the airport. What happens to paddy promotion campaign?

GIM fetches Rs 26,cr investments for Kerala - Business

Consequent to the concerted efforts of the previous government and various organisations, an awareness was created among the people against the conversion of paddy fields into commercial or residential areas, says Usha. Local bodies were also involved in encouraging paddy cultivation in fallow paddy fields. Nearly 40, ha have been brought under cultivation mainly by women under the initiative of Kudumbasree, with most of the land being taken on lease.

Empowered by the community's economic and demographic growth, the League has grown steadily in strength. Muslims are the largest beneficiaries of foreign remittances, that totalled Rs 50, crore in according to a study by Thiruvananthapuram-based Centre for Development Studies, sent by its two-millionstrong diaspora in the Gulf. According to the Census, while Hindu and Christian populations showed a decline, by 1.

Consequently, the League has wrested several privileges from the present government: Five Cabinet berths, free land in the Calicut University campus, special privileges for Muslim management schools, and Muslims recruited to raise awareness about littleknown minority scholarships in the community.

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has faced much flak from all around-including his own party-for succumbing to the League's pressures. Ezhava rally in Kerala. This has strengthened the League's clout within Muslims. Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal, 65, took over as the League's president in after the death of his legendary brother Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal, who led the party for three decades.

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Unlike his elder brother, a graduate of Egypt's Al Azhar University and a Sufi-poetry enthusiast, Hyderali is home-grown. Go to Panakkad and his power is palpable.

He is just back from a trip to Dubai. A long queue of Muslim men and purdah-clad women wait patiently to seek his advice on problems ranging from family disputes to ailments. As he sits on a leather chair behind a large desk, petitioners take turns to whisper in his ear.

global investors meet kerala 2012 presidential election

He speaks in an undertone, beckoning the next in queue, and breaks the monotony with short invocations. Hyderali does not comment on politics or religion. He speaks rarely and only after much persuasion. We'll not grab anyone else's rights. But we'll not let others take what is due to the community. We also won't hurt communal peace," he says. He shrugs off murmurs within Congress against the League's "pressure tactics".