Gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

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gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

City Agriculture Links List—by gmoke: "In June, I attended a meeting at .. Whether it's for fishing, swimming or drinking, clean, safe water is a. Houston Mayoral Candidate Adrian Garcia Gives Motivational Talk at Athletes Without This November the Athletes Without Limits US Swim Team traveled to the London-bound Michael Murray makes history and the US Paralympic Team The GTAC Disability Swim meet provided an opportunity for three new. After the census reported population growth in the Apple- ton area . of time to take a mid-afternoon swim in or consider voting early until PM the day before the election at your GTac quickly closed the mine site in advance.


We learned all about Yes and No feelings. We know if we have scared and yucky feelings we can run and tell somebody about it. The P-2s had a lot of fun singing and dancing with Ditto. Our Heroes Journey programs for the year have now come to a close with our 13th group see photo completing their journey a few weeks ago.

Throughout the year our Year 9 Heroes have slayed many of their dragons and learned a great deal about themselves through the program. Well done to all of our Heroes involved in this years journeys. Staff, Olivia and Scott, encourage Year 8 students and parents to contact staff during the Year 8 to 9 Step Up Week to ensure your name is listed down for the three programs next year.

It is not an opportunity you want to miss out on! Over the next few weels the Lions have some initaives for which they are seeking community interst.

Firslty their major Project to support homless people in our community aims to have tines offood collected for Christmas. Secondly they are looking for families who cannot provide a computer or bike for their children. If you are interested in a refurbished item please let the Learning worker or Learning partner at your campus know. Staff and students enjoyed a range of activities including yoga, pasta and bread making, baking Yo Yo's, board games and a visit from Animals of Oz.

A great day had by all! Congratulations to all staff and students who had clearly put in a lot of work to rehearse and costume the show. A fitting farewell to Principal Sharon Biggins ended a spectacular night. Please look at the Campus we page for many memories of the event.


The transformation of the grounds at Tallis has been huge and has had an instant impact upon student, staff and families. Check out their photo link: Four students attended a breakfast with over three hundred guests to celebrate this event. The Tallis students prepared place mats, featured on a DVD played at the event and joined a panel to ask questions of Wayne Schwass who was the guest speaker. Jess and I were so proud of the manner in which the students conducted themselves and this was shared by all those present.

You can view the video from the college website link: For the incoming Campus Principal Jill Gillies there is a wonderful community waiting to be guided by her but also ready to support her as she becomes familiar with the families, students and staff. I wish them both well for a wonderful future Norlane Neighbourhood are hosting a local event to bring together community members under the umbrella of International Peace Day.

We live in difficult times not just internationally. Our local community needs to be free of violence and dangers. We want Norlane to be safe for everyone and a fine example of acceptance of all. The time has been scheduled to start of 3. Within the program students have learnt about some engineering features of gravity cars and worked collaboratively to design and program a gravity car using computer software with the support of Ford engineers.

The students travelled to the Goldsworthy Campus and used a laser cutter to make their gravity cars out of ply wood. In the final week all of the Ford Engineers who have supported the students throughout the program were present to watch the students test their gravity cars and determine which design travelled the furthest down a ramp.

Thank you Ford engineers and Mr Ellson! We ask only that you ask for stickers if you usually shop there. We realise that many of our community have strong links to other food outlets and will never promote one in preference to another. Thank you Mrs Baulch for all your hard work you do in making sure we have a wide variety of activities for our students.

I was veryexcited because I was about to learn about Aboriginals.

gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

We went to Narana to learn about Aboriginal culture, weapons, animals, language and food. We went by bus and left school at about 9: First, we went on a bush walk to look at trees and plants. Some of the plants on the walk are the plants we see at school. Most of the plants had special medicines. Second, we threw boomerangs that had pictures on it.

Most of the other people who were doing it as well had thrown theirs really far too. She passed around some Aboriginal bottles and instruments and told us some of their history.

After lunch, we went to a playground. The race was up to a platform, then across some rope, over a bridge and down to the ground. I think I won, but if I didn't, I still had fun. It was time to go and all the fun I had made me want to stay. Over the term the prep students have been reading and learning all about fairy tales with a visit to Fairy Park a highlight last week. As a part of this learning the prep students were encouraged to come to school dressed as their favourite fairy tale characters on Thursday the 7th of September.

Many famous fairy tale characters made an appearance including snow white, pirates from Peter Pan, sleeping beauty, Tigger and many more. It was great to see so many parents come and watch the parade and enjoy the show put on by the students. The students have had a fantastic time creating their very own Hendy Archibald Prize painting, even painting some of our very famous staff members. As at 4 September some seats still available for the afternoon performance starting 1pm. Evening session sold out.

As a result hendy35 won a signed Australian Wallibies top. We had lots of fun activities happening throughout the week in the Community and on Friday 25 August we held our Dress Up Day and Parade. The children came in some amazing costumes. They also played 'Where's Wally". Can you see him?? Book Week was really enjoyed by children in the P-2 Community.

gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

The theme for this year was 'Escape to Everywhere'. We had lots of fun activities happening throughout the week and on Friday 25 August we held our Dress Up Day and Parade. On Friday 25 August as part of Book Week, children in the Prep-2 Community took part in some independant reading and writing. Students sat tests around reading comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar and numeracy. At Wexford our results showed that we are improving in our writing and spelling skills in Year 3, in reading and spelling in Year 5 and we remain steady in our Numeracy results in Year 7.

Prep — Learning Community Building Works After a number of delays due to poor weather and some building hold ups, the new prep learning space is due for completion this week, with our prep students beginning their first day in the space on Monday 4 September. The new learning environment will be an incredible place for our students to work in and we look forward to seeing the amazing learning that will be occurring in this space in the months and years to come.

gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

There is no way to prevent head lice so it's important to check your child's hair regularly and treat accordingly if you believe your child has head lice. Staff will be involved in the second professional development day of the Berry St Educational Model.

We look forward to gaining more knowledge and strategies to support our students across the campus. Weeks 7 and 8 — Equity - We make good choices to keep ourselves and others safe. Forest Service and the U. Geological Survey told the audience at a community meeting last week in Patagonia. The first regular session of the 52nd Legislature wrapped up quickly — in only 81 days — which was a good thing as the session was focused on taking Arizona backwards, one bill at a time.

This awareness has led to an emerging concern about the cattle that graze on contaminated land, including areas surrounding old mining sites. The activities were held in several locations: Carolyn Schafer, who organized the event, says that she was pleased to see increased participation from community organizations and a higher turnout than last year. So much talent and creativity on display. Patagonia is so lucky to have its future in the hands of such wonderful thinkers and artists.

May is upon us and with it comes our yearly oven. Still, hot is hot. Despite decent winter rains this year, soon the land will be mostly parched and desiccated. FOSC is a nonprofit organization founded in and dedicated to protecting Sonoita Creek and its watershed. They advocate with land owners and regulators on ways to preserve and restore the Creek.

Well, you do what Sen. The water will be treated to remove various metals, including arsenic, before being released into the environment. Newmont is currently scheduling 50 years of continuing water treatment, plus other monitoring activities.

But a consultant to Newmont, Golder Associates, told the company in that getting rid of arsenic can take anywhere from 50 to years. How do I know? Just ask Rosemont Copper. They usually carry quantities of reddish-orange iron or a blue and white form of aluminum. All are deadly to waterways by coating the creek floor and clogging the gills of fish. The State Department of Environmental Protection estimated that more than 5, miles of streams have been polluted and or destroyed by acid mine drainage — posing the single largest threat to our drinking water, fish, wildlife and the natural beauty of our state.

Last October, Tucson News Now first showed you dramatic pictures of bright orange soil and water flowing in the Patagonia mountains, after we were alerted by environmental groups in the area.

Since the discovery, the soil and water have been tested. Test results showed extremely high levels of concentrations of lead and arsenic in water, soil and waste rock samples at the Lead Queen site.

High concentrations of zinc, copper and aluminum were also found. The lawsuit, filed in Pima County Superior Court, claims Rosemont was notified in September of the possible violations but did not come into compliance. The meeting is set for 6: Public lands, and all who love them, stand to benefit in a big way.

Shafer said she was happy with the change of venue this year to Cady Hall. The fun, beauty, and reverence for Oak Flat will cease long before then, when the mined-out honeycombed structure below it will make the surface too risky for visitors. After the Resolution Copper Mine company takes title, it plans to go deep underground to scoop out more than 1, feet of rich copper ore deposits buried beneath Oak Flat.

The foot structure is being constructed by a crew working for GovNET Inc, a private telecommunications company based in Scottsdale that is building a statewide microwave and fiber network. Work began on April 13 and is expected to continue for another six weeks. But that action could be delayed further still with two impending appeals to the recent decision. Instead, in the normally empty desert here, tents and buses line the highway.

But there may be glimmers of hope amidst the partisan discord. In twenty years of polling on public policy, last month was the first time we presented survey data to staffers from both sides of the aisle in the same meeting. The fact that this was our first ever bipartisan meeting surprised even the people in the room, but would be even more shocking to the voters we speak with every day.

Participants took data at two, meter sites on Sonoita Creek: The Nature Conservancy Patagonia-Sonoita Preserve, and below Patagonia Dam on state trust land where damage from grazing, drought and flooding was evident. The Cumero Fire was first reported at 3 p.

Sunday, at which point Patagonia Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded.

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Ike Isakson said the blaze started in the bottom of Cumero Canyon, and firefighters had to fight it in rocky and steep terrain. The fire has grown since then, charring 60 acres. Resources are on scene at the Cumero Fire. It is unclear if flames are threatening any homes or other structures. You probably have noticed more rain soaking our soils this winter than in the past few years. Wildflowers are blooming, and the cacti look plump. Is the drought over? Many focus on collecting data and using it to inform decision-making and prioritize actions.

Federally endangered species are those species in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant part of their range.

Federally threatened species are those which are likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout or in a significant part of their range. Sensitive species are identified with the goal of avoiding trends toward federal listing and maintaining their viability.

gtac swim meet 2012 presidential candidates

Mexican Specialties April is finally upon us — a halcyon time for all things wild, especially birds. This is peak migration time for many species in our famed Sky Islands. Thus, a wide variety of neotropical migrants make their return to our local haunts, either for mating or as a way station along their routes to breeding grounds further north. Among both groups are a number of species more characteristic of Mexico than of the rest of the United States.

They are all items that should be disposed of carefully. Because if these items are not disposed of properly they contaminate the water and the soil and ultimately poison the food and water we consume, resulting in disease and illness.

Two engineering firms implicated by Canadian authorities in the Mt.


Polley tailings dam collapse contributed key engineering studies used by Rosemont Copper to authenticate a required mining permit. Hudbay Minerals, the new owner of Rosemont Copper, is starting a second round of drilling to further delineate the boundaries of that ore deposit. And Asarco recently laid off people from 3 of their Arizona mine sites including the one near Green Valley.

Straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, the man-made reservoir is part of the Colorado Water Basin that supplies water to 40 million people. Lake Powell stores water from states in the upper Colorado basin — New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming — for the states in the lower basin: Nevada, Arizona and California. The large-scale expansion would include drilling 3, new exploration holes, dewatering an estimated 50 springs and a surface disturbance of more than acres.

The mines threaten radiological and heavy metal pollution of groundwater, soil, and air, putting wildlife and people at risk. Sewage sludge contains traces of gold, silver and platinum at levels that would be seen as commercially viable by traditional prospectors.

Smith and her colleagues argue that extracting metals from waste could also help limit the release of harmful metals, such as lead, into the environment in fertilizers and reduce the amount of toxic sewage that has to be buried or burnt.

But as the recent success of wildlife corridors suggests, a little connectivity can go a long way. Two photos were taken of the cat three-tenths of a mile from the site on May 21,newly released documents from the U.

Fish and Wildlife Service show. That came two days before the U.