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and our 8 year old daughter will be staying in Packwood for 3 nights in July. packwood hotels 26 June ; Snowmobile 27 May ; Swap Meet Answer 1 of 2: On TripAdvisor's Packwood travel forum, travellers are asking ; packwood hotels 26 June ; Snowmobile 27 May ; Swap Meet 02 . Monday, February 13, Labor Day ride from Packwood. We camped for three days and two nights up in Packwood, Wa last year. Tom and During this time, over Labor Day weekend is a big swap meet and garage sale.

Brazen residents have been making quick cash by selling on the food they buy with government vouchers right outside the doors of grocery stores. This is why Government has replaced its monthly paper food vouchers with new grocery cards, which will be used like debit cards.

The Department of Financial Assistance will today hand out about of the new cards and activate each one with a person's monthly food allowance. They then use the cash to buy cigarettes and alcohol, which cannot be bought with the vouchers. Youth, Families, Sport and Community Development Minister Glenn Blakeney admitted calculating minds were abusing the system as he revealed a whole raft of changes to government handouts.

But those who abuse the system will be ousted and suffer a consequence that will deny their basic need.

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The Non-Cash Grocery Cards will be marked with a person's name and use of the card at the checkout will require photo identification. MarketPlace staff will also work in partnership with Government to look out for any fraudulent activity.

MarketPlace has been very vigilant and diligent in assisting us with what has been going on. They pick up the phone and tell us exactly what is happening.

Our investigation officers then follow it up. Mr Blakeney said the department had been trying to add dignity and respect to seeking financial assistance as he knew it could be embarrassing to ask for help. People are becoming victims of circumstances beyond their control. They have never had to be dependant on Government before, but now they find themselves in that position.

It can be embarrassing and humiliating because of their pride. Property is now considered an asset so anyone who owns property is no longer eligible to apply for help. And people who sell on property cannot apply for handouts within five years of the sale. Returning Bermudians must have lived on the island one year before applying for help and if a person loses their job because of their own actions, they cannot begin the application process until three months after the date of termination.

Mr Blakeney said it was their duty to continue to provide people with basic financial assistance but it would be "workfare not welfare" as able-bodied people would be encouraged to find jobs.

He said making savings was essential as they had seen? We have to tighten up. People hold us accountable and feel Government should not be an agency that gives out handouts. We are, in essence, endeavoring to do more with less. And only one month's arrears will be paid on expenditure items to encourage people to be more timely and responsible. All income over this amount will be calculated in the assessment for a financial award.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman said: Premier Paula Cox announced late last year her intention to save millions of dollars with a Civil Service shake-up. It also provides a more integrated approach in dealing with infrastructure and planning matters. British Airways plc BAwhich flies to Bermuda, is increasing its fuel surcharge on long-haul flights including to Bermuda for the second time this year because of recent oil price rises.

The company last raised the long-haul fee in February. An earlier rise in December was the first in more than two years. Bermudian students may find it cheaper to attend some Canadian universities, with tuition fees set to rise in the UK.

Locals who have paid home tuition fees at UK universities, rather than the international rate, face a substantial price hike for the coming year, as the UK government transfers costs from the state to students.

This week, 31 UK universities announced their fees. Harbour Nights event is to end two months earlier this year due to budget cuts but will remain a quality event, says the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.

However, they have had less money to spend due to the recession, said Diane Gordon, the Chamber's executive director. She said the event would take place from May 18 to August 31, for a total of 16 weeks compared to 24 weeks in past years. That goes all the way from the top of Government all the way down to small businesses. So while sponsors are still supporting us.

Because we have been urged to continue putting on this event, we have had to get out to a broader spectrum of businesses to seek sponsorship dollars. We have also had to make the cut in terms of weeks, not in the quality of the event," Ms Gordon said.

Harbour Nights has run for the past 19 years and has an annual average of 85 food, arts and crafts vendors on Front Street each Wednesday night. According to Kristi Grayston, of the Chamber, retail stores typically don't benefit from increased sales during the event, but stay open late in support of the small businesses. Ms Gordon said some restaurants and bars in Hamilton have stepped forward as sponsors, because they also benefit from higher traffic through the city.

She said this year, more than ever, there has been a huge interest from local performers and added: Such changes, in addition to the heavy traffic from the cruise ships and groups coming to the Island, will ensure the event is a success, according to the Chamber. But Bermuda is expected to return to a two party country before the House of Assembly resumes on May The PLP and Premier Cox are solely focused on the many challenges that are currently facing our community and will not be distracted by the UBP reunion and name change.

This party is nothing new. There is going to be no change for us. Only time will tell. It will be business as usual for the PLP. The question is can they get themselves in order to campaign for a general election in a short period of time?

packwood swap meet 2012

The answer is probably not. Their best shot will be future elections. It has to make the Opposition stronger. We will have to assess their performance and objectives, then if something does come up we can reassess the situation.

Some may see this merger as a sign that a third political party is not viable in Bermuda, I firmly disagree with this position as I think this merger is more a case of impatience on the part of the BDA.

She will instead put her head down and focus solely on her task. We believe what we are trying to do is a good start to the sort of change the people of Bermuda are looking for when it comes to politics and political parties. I would have thought then that the PLP and Government would be happy to see signs of positive development on the political scene.

The Princess Royal, second child and only daughter of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, visited the island briefly. This reduction in CO2 is equivalent to planting 2, trees or not drivingmiles in a standard car.

The solar panels have been designed to tilt up in four-panel sections to allow the roof to be cleaned or painted and without interrupting the energy supply - an exclusive feature provided by AES. Mr Madeiros, who is a Chartered Engineer with the UK Council of Engineering, was able to draw on his extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical and solar industries to design the system to meet the stringent requirements.

The company offers a free site evaluation and financial analysis to residents and businesses. New legislation has been passed to ease the workload of psychologists who are struggling to cope with the impact of gun crime on our communities.

Politicians have unanimously approved the Psychological Practitioners Amendment Act to assist the Island's 32 qualified psychologists. Health Minister Zane DeSilva, who introduced the second reading of the bill yesterday, said the amendments would tighten up the profession's code of conduct by checking on qualifications, training and experience.

The current restriction on practicing based on old age will be scrapped. Going forward the only practicing restrictions will be mental and physical health. Many of them have their hands full. We have to support them to help them fulfill a particularly important and critical role at the present time.

Just because you continue on through old age doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have that physical or mental capacity. Some of us know that when you go past a certain level you can still continue at the same level as young people. They say our children are being asked to raise themselves, which almost cuts off their time to enjoy their childhood.

They tackle the stresses and strains of life in our community, they are doing really good work. This aims to enforce that local psychologists keep up with changes and developments in their field.

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Shortly before the new bill was passed, Minister of Youth, Families, Sports and Community Development Glenn Blakeney had praised the work of the Bermuda youth counseling services' high risk intervention unit. Since the high risk intervention unit was set up in58 referrals have been received, with 19 referrals received since January this year.

They are also helping about 60 additional family members. The unit takes seriously the strongholds of gang involvement and the emotional pains that break the hearts of Bermuda's people. HSBC, which acted as custodian for the funds, failed in its duty to monitor Madoff and profited from his Ponzi scheme at their expense, Alpha Prime and Senator Fund said in a filing. The London-based bank is therefore liable for any damages accrued by the funds, they said in the May 27 filing in US Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

HSBC is the direct cause of the loss of hundreds of millions of Alpha Prime's dollars and tens of millions of Senator Fund's dollars, they said.

KPMG identified 25 fraud and related operational risks in the way Madoff received, checked and accounted for client funds, it said in a page report dated February 16,more than two years before the fraud came to light.

The limited controls in place may not prevent fraud or error occurring on client accounts if management or staff at Madoff LLC either override controls or undertake activities where appropriate controls are not in place,?

KPMG did not conclude in either of its reports that a fraud was being committed by Madoff. If the bank had done so, it would have seen that trades were allegedly executed at prices outside the daily range of prices of such securities on the days in question, the funds said.

The funds said they were told on December 5,about a week before Madoff's arrest, that the bank had started to receive copies of trade tickets from Madoff and to try to replicate the trades. Answering Picard's case against them, the two funds said they were investment funds, not feeder funds.

They received money from Madoff in good faith and were not obliged to return it, they said. Madoff is serving a year sentence in federal prison in North Carolina. The case is Picard v. Government needs your help in tracking two recently introduced species of lizard.

The Department of Conservation Services within the Ministry of Public Works yesterday advised that two geckos, the Mediterranean or Turkish gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus and the Asian gecko Hemidactylus frenatus have been inadvertently introduced to the island. Both geckos have spread successfully around the world via cargo and are well-established in the southern states of the US and it is suspected they arrived in Bermuda by the same method, likely hidden in bales of peat moss or similar material.

The geckos have been spotted at four locations. Both species feed at night and hide in the day, usually in houses and buildings. They can be seen at night on walls under lights waiting to catch insects. Director of Conservation Services Drew Pettit said tracking the geckos will be important because they will compete for food sources with the endemic Bermuda Skink and the introduced and established populations of anoles lizards and tree frogs.

We are unsure how invasive they are and how rapidly they will spread if left to their own devices. The geckos are easily distinguished as they have a mottled tan, brown or grey skin with distinctive bumps all over the body.

Also the pupil of the eye is orientated vertically. It is safe to capture the animals and they can be brought to the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo in Flatt's. Meet Amy Cook one of the very first international business people ever to step foot in Bermuda. Before Ace and XL, before the Hamilton skyline was dotted with construction cranes, there was petite Ms Cook and her mechanical adding machine.

She arrived in aboard an oil tanker with the Shell Petroleum Company Ltd to help set up their British expatriate pension fund which eventually became Shell Trust Bermuda Ltd. While originally contracted to work here for only two years, Mrs Cook nee Licence ended up staying, marrying a Bermudian and working for Shell Trust Bermuda for 40 years. She is the longest-serving Shell employee in Bermuda.

The office was created so that Shell's pension fund could invest worldwide. In the s, the UK had severe restrictions on foreign investment, and in order to give the company the opportunity to invest around the world, Bermuda was chosen as the jurisdiction in which to be based. Shell Trust Bermuda was one of the first international companies to set up shop on the Island around the same time as insurance company American International.

Today, the pension administrator manages billions of dollars over three pension funds. Along with two other women, Mrs Cook was selected as the original convoy to Bermuda to do bookkeeping, administration and clerical work.

Eventually 27 women would relocate to the Island. They brought everything with them, including their sumlock machines, a mechanical precursor to the modern-day calculator and even the office furniture, including red leather couches and chairs that reside in the reception area to this day. Born in the suburbs just outside London inshe started her career at Lloyds Bank in the capital. She then moved over to Shell, getting her certification at the National Cash Register School at the same time.

After a year at the firm, she stepped aboard the ship to Bermuda. The nonagenarian has a remarkable memory even recalling the name of the tanker she arrived on: Neverita and its captain: She clearly remembers the trepidation of sailing into the unknown as the three women had little prior knowledge of Bermuda.

It was a rough trip. We brought our pushbikes from London and that's how I met my husband because we cycled past Heyl's Drugstore every day where he was a pharmacist. She now has three grandchildren who live in Canada.

Mrs Cook retired from her position of senior administrator after 40 years of service in July As a matriarchal figure at the firm, the company has always celebrated important milestones in her life.

Last week, Shell threw a small birthday party for Mrs Cook, who turned 90 in April. At the party, she wore her shell earrings and gold pendant that the company gave her inshowing her pride in her former employer. Attending the party was Bob Stewart, vice-president of Shell Trust Board, who was the country chairman of Bermuda for 13 years.

Mrs Cook was his boss. A NASA structure that played a role in tracking space missions from the s until the s is getting a new lease of life as a place where wonders much closer to home can be viewed. The artifact is a small and unusual landmark in the traffic-free oasis of quiet wilderness at the far end of Cooper's Island where Bermudians and visitors alike can now go to enjoy peace and tranquility and simply relax or observe nature.

This Saturday, public access to the nature reserve will be expanded with the official opening of around one acre of land on the outer fringes of the nature reserve that was previously out-of-bounds but which have now been cleared of derelict buildings and replanted with native and endemic species. The lonely pyramid-shaped mount at one of the remotest points of Cooper's Island once supported a radar tracking station that monitored the progress of spacecraft lifting off from Florida's Cape Canaveral.

It is now one of the last remaining pieces of infrastructure on the peninsula, which was abandoned by NASA in the late s and has been transformed, bit by bit, into a significant nature reserve.

Jeremy Madeiros, conservation officer at the Department of Conservation Services, said of the radar mount: We discovered it was hollow inside and we opened the door. We are going to have placards there with information on humpback whales and cahows.

It's a great place to see humpback whales, which can swim nearby as it is so close to the reef line and the open sea. It is also a perfect spot to view birds such as longtails and cahows. Around half of all longtails that visit Bermuda each year also nest in the area. Volunteers from HSBC Bermuda worked to clear the land, replant suitable shrubs and trees and install 23 man-made Longtail nests.

HSBC jumped in with volunteers, without whom it really would not have been possible to move ahead with the project the way we have. It's amazing what you can do if you have 30 volunteers for a few days. This has allowed us to open these areas ahead of time, without them it might have taken a few more years," said Mr Madeiros.

Decrepit buildings and rusting underground corrugated iron ammunition bunkers have been among the structures bulldozed and removed. It is an ongoing project, like Nonsuch Island, although Cooper's Island is five times bigger.

There will be no vehicles in the area so people can get away from everyday noise and walk and picnic in an area that's totally natural," said Mr Madeiros.

Bank CEO Phil Butterfield spoke yesterday on what he called the opening of an absolutely outstanding piece of property for Bermudians and visitors to come and enjoy. Since then, staff have volunteered their time to remove invasive and plant endemic species on the property.

Tomorrow the restored area will be accessible to the public and according to Mr Butterfield will be a point of attraction for all Bermudians, their friends and visitors. So far nearly five acres have been restored and made safe for the public, said conservation officer Jeremy Madeiros.

The entire Island, totaling 77 acres, will take 15 to 20 years before it has all been returned to its original state before settlement. Over the next ten years the plan is to transform the Coopers Island Nature Reserve into Bermudas largest eco-destination and an essential extension to the living museum of the internationally recognised Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve. It will attract locals and visitors who can experience Bermuda as they have never experienced and lose themselves in nature. - /Pictures/2012/052612-0528 Packwood Swap meet at Dean's/

Bank volunteers also helped to demolish several three-storey radar mounts and three ammunition bunkers dating back to the Second World War. They also dug tree pits in preparation for planting of native and endemic plants. Mr DeSilva called the site a Mecca of protected sea birds and said its reopening could revitalize the Islands tourism product and help tap into new markets. For those who know about keen Audubon enthusiasts, you will know there is a list that everyone is trying to complete birds they have observed in the wild.

There are 48 million birders in the US alone, and many of them, I'm sure, would love nothing more than to come to Bermuda and see perhaps the rarest bird in the world our Bermuda cahow.

That's quite a market to tap for local tourism. The Coopers Island reserve also provided one of the best habitats for the Bermuda skink.

This meant that the monthly payment had jumped almost 27 percent in two years. Although I was disappointed, it was not really a surprise. Let me explain why. Specifically, it lays out a conceptual framework with the goal of making healthcare more affordable and to improve the quality and access of care. Healthcare reviews over the last 15 years have identified a number of ways to improve the healthcare system.

The major concerns highlighted are the increasing level of healthcare costs and the affordability for Bermudians. Overall health in Bermuda. It detailed 76 various indicators. The following are some of the key findings: Life expectancy has increased steadily since and is on par with the OECD average. Road fatalities and mortality rates are significantly higher than other countries. The rate of diabetes is much higher than in other countries.

Breast cancer mortality and suicide rates are lower than average. Lowest rate of daily smokers anywhere. Local hospital occupancy rate and the average length of stay in hospital have been relatively stable and are below the OECD average. Unfortunately, in comparison to other countries, Bermuda shows the greatest level of inequality in terms of access to healthcare this could be disputed as I am unaware of anyone being turned away from the hospital that needed emergency medical assistance, for example.

Healthcare costs in Bermuda have been running at an annualized growth rate of about 6. This rapidly escalating cost is driven primarily by the aging demographic profile of the Bermuda population, the associated consumer expectations and greater utilization of services.

For years these escalating costs were absorbed in a thriving economy where people were earning more. Now, Bermuda is experiencing what many other developed Western countries have had to deal with.

These escalating costs have been followed with ever increasing health premiums. Since the standard premium rate in Bermuda has more than doubled and has grown in excess of The sun was shining and would shine through the tree like rays highlighting special features of the forest. Got up to the top of the pass and saw snow in the grassy valleys of the mountains. Almost looked like a bunch of cotton balls laying in the grass. Of course the snow was a long way off the road and I was not going to walk to see it up close.

Had one GoPro on Tom's bike and another one on Tony's bike. I'll upload the two movies I made. I had more video's however my hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of video footage. No, I've never learned to back up my hard drive.

We ride along the Naches River to Whistlin' Jacks. We pull up to Whistlin' Jacks and the place is packed. Motorcycles everywhere, more bikes than cars on that day. Trying to find a table for all of us to sit at was almost impossible, we finally were able to secure a corner and grab up extra chairs as they became available. Now - to get a waitress. Well that was another problem. Apparently their hired help all decided that the day was too nice to be working.

packwood swap meet 2012

They all called in sick. I hope they fired them all. We each had a beer and left. The ride back was uneventful but just as beautiful.