Cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

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cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

qualifying for partaking in 19th CBSE National Athletic Meet which is to be hosted by our school We have the pleasure in inviting and welcoming you to this land of Principal of Organizing School at the cluster level. The World Scholar's Cup, Primary Round (Age 12 and under) took place 23rd GEMS 'OUR OWN' DUBAI INTER-SCHOOL ATHLETIC MEET CBSE- UAE cluster swimming championship – ,hosted by The. CBSE CLUSTER XIX ATHLETIC MEET - 5th to 7th October . Cricket players honed batting & bowling skills, hand-eye coordination, running speed .. The school honoured CBSE Scholars of the Session and of the .

Nitin Mittal Relief for property tax defaulters MohaliNovember 1 Defaulters who have not paid their property tax here for till now have been given relief by the government, which has cut the penalty amount from per cent to 20 per cent.

Delhi school boy breaks 6 high jump records in 2014

To commemorate the occasion, a wreath-laying ceremony was organised where RS Yadav, Brigadier, Aviation, Western Command, paid floral tributes on behalf of all ranks of Army Aviation Corps at the Veer Smriti war memorial to pay homage to the martyrs. It was on this day in that the then Governor General-in-Council sanctioned the formation of the Intelligence Corps India.

Dr Amod Gupta, Dean, PGIMER, inaugurated the exhibition highlighting the causes of cancers and its warning signs and stressing on the need for screening and early diagnosis. Cancer-related information brochures were also distributed. The fest attracted enthusiastic participation as over 2, students from the best institutes of the country descended on the PEC campus.

Pradeep Tewari 80 special children take part in quiz, painting contests Chandigarh, November 1 In order to prove that knowledge needs no support of language or sound, specially-abled children took part in the 6th Haryana Inter-School Quiz Competition for the Deaf.

The children showcased their vast knowledge about current affairs in the competition. Special children take part in a painting competition at St Stephen's School in Chandigarh. The students, along with their class teacher, cleaned the herbal garden of the school. The entire school was bathed in Holy Spirit immersed in the festivities. The area was decked up in red, white and green.

The whole programme was coordinated by the Students Council through which they learnt the ways to manage and lead from the front. Learning from the life of Jesus Christ: The life of Jesus portrayed through enactment left a broader message for the students that the deep longing for forgiveness and peace with God is the need of the hour.

Students understood the urgency to cherish peace in this world of unrest and commotion, to be plenteous in mercy and to have the real spirit of Christmas. The objective was to raise awareness to revive the health of our planet which has been deadly affected by the constant use of plastic bags and restore the ecological balance by using jute bags and cloth bags. Students raised slogans, displayed posters, interacted with commuters and distributed them the pamphlets on environmental preservation.

The current water scarcity calls for an awakening and sincerity of actions. This rally worked as an eye-opener for residents and had an enlarging scope in encouraging the citizens for saving the planet from moving towards disaster.

cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

It was conducted by a team of medical experts from Simova Health Sciences which included dentist, orthopedic, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, physiotherapist, general physician along with their core members who examined the students from head to toe.

They assessed students over health parameters as part of the online health portal to support both students as well as parents to keep comprehensive health record. Electronic Health Record of every child is secured on a personalized digital online portal and relevant information is shared individually with parents across phones and emails, which creates lifetime benefits for every child enrolled.

Health sessions are regularly held in the school in which an awareness is spread among parents regarding health issues of their children. They also have one on one discussion with the doctors regarding serious ailments.

Children's Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 14th November, with a great fervor and gaiety to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India Pt.

cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

Jawarhar Lal Nehru who emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children, the bright future of India. On this occasion, a special assembly was coordinated by the teachers with a vision to instill values among the students.

The Self-Composed presentations through songs and poems by the teachers were well received by the students in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

Thereafter, to make this day more special, Self Defense Training Programme was organized for the girls to empower them with tricks and techniques of Self Defense. The girls exercised confidently to overcome any of the threats in future. Parents appreciated this special gesture of the school and applauded it with a feeling of pride as girls acquired skills such as Sidekick, Fingertip Thrust, Open Hand Drive to overcome confidently the odd situations.

cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

At the end of the day, a friendly cricket match was held between teachers and students which was the most exciting attraction of the day. Children were enthralled to have this special day and thanked their teachers for putting up a fabulous show for them. The current scenario calls for an awakening, a new viewpoint and sincerity of actions.

Through the portrayal of real life situation in current scenario, students learnt to the Reuse through Water Conservation, Recycle through the use of carryout cloth bags, Reduce through Waste Management and Recover through Organic Farming.

cbse cluster athletic meet 2014 15 bowl

The thought provoking themes of Nukkad Natak proved successful in offering a deep, long-term impact on the students in imparting the essential awareness to masses towards immediate actions to be taken to save the planet. The thunderous beats of the drummers were really heart touching and the untiring effort of children was visible through their performance of various styles such as Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, etc. Students actively participated and performed enthusiastically, making the occasion even merrier.

They thoughtfully came up with a vision of instilling valuable ideas to help their fellow students become successful managers, entrepreneurs and CEOs by gaining insight into various characters of Ramayana such as Lord Rama, Seeta, Hanuman, Sugreev, Ravana, Bharat, etc.

The message of each character of Ramayana portrayed by the students was to face the life crushing situations with confidence, have a sense of responsibility and value relationships The pledge of celebrating a Pollution-Free Diwali was taken by all the students which encouraged them not to use crackers at all.

Keeping this in view, Master Chef activity was conducted for the Classes Nursery and KG to prove that homemade food is healthy and cooking is an enjoyable hobby that boosts creativity. Students brought sliced fruits and vegetables in different shapes and sizes.

They also got an opportunity to work as a chef to arrange a healthy meal platter for themselves. They were very excited when they donned their chef-caps, gloves and aprons and started decorating their plates. They decorated their plates and shared their food with their friends. This activity enhanced the creative thinking skills of the students, developed their taste for healthy food and presentation skills to serve and share food with others and also infused team spirit in them.

Students also learned about nutritious values of various food items and importance of eating hygienic food. On this occasion, Kavi Sammelan was organized in an unifying way with a perfect combination of all rasas such as Veers Ras, Shringaar Ras, Karun Ras,etc.

The students recited heroic, aesthetic, humourous and satirical poems with a great confidence and perfect diction. Speaking on the occasion,the principal gave an insight into Hindi Dohas and poems in our daily life and urged everyone to feel proud of our National Language Hindi.

This proved to be an effective idea to highlight that language is a powerful weapon to spread the message of universal peace and fraternity. The event propelled the students to dream the sublime and higher to touch the momentous heights of success.

Deepak chaudhary(national gold medalist)

Loni Constituency, in his address, highlighted the contribution of the school in instilling values among students through a wide variety of cultural events. Prep - Kids celebrated their earth day with a rally to make everyone aware about it and then created their own happy earth. Class I - Children made a promise card, decorated it and wrote 5 promises on it. Class II- A worksheet was given to them related to Earth day.

A Special assembly was held to mark the occasion with description of Baisakhi, which is the harvest and new year festival of the Punjab region. They brought Punjabi food in their lunch. A video was shown to children to take them through the process of crop production. They came dressed in regional costume too. To inculcate values in the students Human species think in metaphors and learn through stories.

Deepika Kapoor and Ms. A jungle scene was created to provide a natural atmosphere to the story. The students were excited throughout the session.


Vidyaarambha is a Hindu tradition in which children are formally introduced to learning. The teachers gave an overview of various subjects which provided the parents with an assurance that our curriculum involves hands-on learning activities which not only are a vent to the creative talents and energies of children but also help in their all-round development. The Principal Sir also addressed the parents. The event started with the soulful and mesmerizing stage performance of Poorva Rang.