Meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

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meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

The official Katy Perry website. Witness: The Tour ticket pre-sale registration now open. The Prismatic World Tour was the third concert tour by American singer- songwriter Katy Perry, in support of her fourth studio album, Prism (). The tour began on May 7, , in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the Odyssey .. The Pollstar Mid-Year Top Worldwide Tour list revealed the Prismatic World Tour as the. Perry performing during the Prismatic World Tour (). After completion, it grossed $ million, becoming her highest grossing tour to date. Concert tours, 4. Live performances, American singer Katy Perry has released five studio albums as well as an acoustic album and In July , Pollstar ranked the tour on #14 at the Mid Year Top

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The album won her a Guinness World Record for being the first female artist in the world to achieve five number one hits from the same album on the Billboard Hot Katy Perry cites Queen singer Freddie Mercury as her biggest influence.

Her hard work is evident in the music she produces and her success speaks for itself.

meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

Live reviews Katy Perry I took my daughter to see Katy Perry for her 9th birthday; we went with my friend Laura and her 9 year old daughter. We had nosebleed seats at the Verizon Center, but I still felt we saw everything clearly, so I didn't mind.

meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

Verizon center hold 18, people - it's an indoor stadium in the heart of DC. We arrived at 7: Ferras, who I have since learned is a Jordanian singer-songwriter based in LA and the first to sign onto Katy Perry's new label. He spent most of his time behind keyboards, so he didn't move around much on the huge stage, but he did have a pink neon sign of his name behind him.

I give him a "meh". The leg ran from June to October Ferras opened for Perry in all of the North American dates with the exception of Mexico. The fourth leg was announced on June 2, Her first costume, which is worn during the "Prismatic" act, is a silver, mirrored leather skirt, complete with finger less gloves and matching heels. The neckline, waistline, arms and bottom of the skirt all are installed with lights that glow during the performance. Perry also has light up extensions to match her dress for this section.

During the "Egyptian" act, Perry wears a hand-embroidered purple leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt, complete with thigh high purple high heel boots. She also wears a blonde wig with black bangs and ends.

meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

The "Cat-oure" act has Perry wearing a sparkly, pink, leopard leotard, complete with a tail and a matching pink plastic hat with cat ears and a short black bobbed wig attached to it. The chest and abdomen of the costume are nude colored, and the costume also contains a shimmery belt and collar.

For the "Acoustic" act, Perry wears a butterfly inspired dress, a long with a short, silver glittery cape. The dress had a butterfly over the chest, and the bottom of the dress is see through, also containing butterflies imprinted on it. She also adorns a multi-colored wig, featuring pastel blues, pinks and greens. The "Throwback" act has Perry emerge on stage wearing a yellow smiley face push up bra, leggings with yellow piece signs on them, as well as a yellow skirt. Following "It Takes Two", the Yin-Yang costume is removed and Perry now wears a yellow leather jacket with a smiley face on the back and sunglasses.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

The "Hyper Neon" act follows, where Perry wears a green palm tree inspired bra, high waisted underwear containing palm tree decor around it and pink heels with thigh high socks on.

After exiting and returning to perform "Birthday", Perry emerges wearing a full body, skin-colored leotard. The leotard features many birthday themed items on it, such as balloons over the breasts, a cake over her pubic region, a bow on the buttocks, confetti and glitter everywhere, as well as 'Happy Birthday' embroidered on the back of it.

During the entire "Hyper Neon" act, Perry wears a green ombre wig, that is dark towards the top, and transitions into a more lime green towards the tip. The wig is also pulled down into small buns.

Prismatic World Tour

For the "Encore", Perry emerges with a long black wig, and a firework inspired dress. The corset and pants and heels are both glittery blue, and the corset features fireworks over the breasts. Perry adorns elbow length blue gloves with fireworks on them.

She also wears a dress that straps onto the corset and reveals the front of her body. The dress is orange and features many different fireworks around it. For the "Prismatic" Act, she wore a metallic, purple cat inspired leotard.

The outfit contained metallic, purple thigh high hell boots, a leotard complete with a cat face, with glowing eyes, and little multi-color triangles around the leotard that lit up, similar to her previous outfit. For the "Acoustic" set, Perry now wears a sparkly green dress, that has sunflowers over the breasts, and on other parts of the dress.

The wig she adorns is also more vibrant in color, and less pastel. Wide Awake - This record is really powerful in it's subtlety. I'd read about her in the tabloids and would kind of hear about the gossip around her and her relationships, but this record felt like she was actually telling us from her own perspective.

It's also an empowering song and I love uplifting and empowering music.

List of Katy Perry live performances

Firework - This song came out and shortly thereafter a lot of records came out that centered around metaphors. She was a trendsetter on that one! Also, this song is just addicting as hell.

The melodies are seriously on point.

meet and greet katy perry 2014 australia year of the horse

And this is a song you can sing to anyone - a loved one, a friend. It's just an amazing song! Roar - This is a fun one. Again, it's an empowering song, and as I said, I love those.