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meet idina menzel 2014

Get the new live album featuring “Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Seasons of Love ", "Defying Gravity", "Let It Go" and more! GET IT NOW. Get the special edition. When former rent co-stars Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel announced their split in December after 10 years of Published: EST, 10 June | Updated: 59 EST, 10 June 'Maybe they thought it was cute that we met in Rent. Idina Kim Menzel is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Menzel rose to prominence Menzel returned to Broadway as Elizabeth Vaughan in the musical If/Then, which earned her .. They met in during the original production of Rent, in which Diggs portrayed the role of Benjamin Coffin III, the landlord.

As big a star as musical theatre has ever seen, she has over the past year become a bona fide star of the screen as well — after a fashion. And all of this means that she is suddenly the worldwide heroine nonpareil of little girls everywhere — even if they may initially be confused that a girlish, blonde Scandinavian royal is actually a year-old raven-haired Jewish Long Islander. But this is different, this is weird.

meet idina menzel 2014

All the little girls love Elsa but they also want to meet me. So I sort of lowered my expectation of myself, and actually ended up singing better most of the time because I was more relaxed. Over the past few months she has been pulling double shifts, capitalising on her heightened profile by recording an album of Christmas songs.

And while her career is on the up, life has been far from easy, because all of this success has come in the wake of her divorce from Diggs: Menzel is still adjusting, and confesses to feeling a need to overcompensate with Walker.

meet idina menzel 2014

They said what a wonderful child he was. So that has helped me a bit: Just being a working mom is so complicated, because we want our children to grow up seeing the best version of their mother. I want to read [to him]. I missed putting Walker to bed last night. All that kind of stuff. And I always feel guilty.

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meet idina menzel 2014

Rather than tipping her over the edge, the new album was, she insists, just what she needed. Christmas Wishesby contrast, is pure escapism. Her final performance in the musical was on July 1, During her penultimate performance of Wicked on January 8,she fell through a trap door and cracked a lower rib. The injury prevented her from performing in her final show on January 9. Menzel did, however, make a special out-of-costume appearance at that performance, performed her final song, and received a five-minute standing ovation.

Menzel finished her West End run on December 30, She was succeeded by Elphaba standby Kerry Ellis. The new musical, directed by Michael Greif whom Menzel previously worked within the original production of Renthad its world premiere at the National Theatre in Washington, D. Following the out-of-town tryout, the show moved to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway and began previews on March 4, It officially opened on March 30, The Carole King Musical.

Her replacement was Jackie Burns who previously served as Menzel's standby in the Broadway production starting January 27,in Dallas, Texas.

Idina Menzel: The actress who is Frozen's Elsa

Music career[ edit ] Menzel performed at the Lilith Fair summer concert festival and continues to write and perform original music. She has toured extensively and frequently performs in various venues throughout New York City. However, the album was re-released once she began to rise to a greater fame with her Tony -winning performance in Wicked.

Her second album, Herewas released independently by Zel Records in Menzel contributed to the soundtrack of Desperate Housewives in Her third solo album, I Standwas released on January 29, It includes many new songs, including the lead single, "Brave", the title track "I Stand," and a song released on EP, "Gorgeous.

There are five versions of this album: Menzel wrote many of the songs on her album. On April 1,Menzel kicked off her — I Stand tour in support of her new album performing four sold-out legs. Menzel was joined by special guests, superstar Josh Groban and saxophonist Ravi Coltrane. In Performance at the White House.

meet idina menzel 2014

The concert aired on PBS October 20, On June 17,during a concert at New York City 's Radio City Music HallMenzel confirmed that she was working on a Christmas album that would contain original material to be released later that same year. In that concert, she performed one of the original tunes from the album, "December Prayer".

meet idina menzel 2014