Meet the cast of sons anarchy 2014 music

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meet the cast of sons anarchy 2014 music

October 21, He wants Jax to buy him out of Diosa and he'll take his son with him. . At the meeting at the park, Jax and the Sons wait with Marcus Alvarez and the (Closing music montage to Katey Segal singing Greensleeves) . of being mocked in the dressing room by the cast of Sons of Anarchy, shooting Crimson Peak [Guillermo Del Toro's film] in Toronto. Thankfully, some of the cast members are sweethearts, but others are While Sons of Anarchy had a good run from the show . for her role of Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical trilogy. Thankfully for fans, if you ever get the chance to meet the actor, he seems like a real stand up guy.

Bobby is not afraid to use violence to get results, and apparently, Mark Boone Junior is not either. Mark Boone Junior was pulled over back in and was arrested at the end of a routine traffic stop. While many members of S. Chibs was originally Sergeant at Arms before moving up to Vice President. After a long day at a comic-con a few years back, Tommy Flanagan and an actor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles named Alan Ritchson witnessed a massive car accident.

The 9 Most Shocking Moments From the 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale | Entertainment Tonight

The two were heading to the airport when they saw a truck flip over after blowing a tire. It sounds like a scene out of Sons of Anarchy but this time it was for real.

Theo Rossi If there is one character who could be crowned as having the biggest character arc of Sons of Anarchy, Juice Ortiz would be one of the top contenders. Juice was first seen in the pilot episode and lasted for 90 episodes before being taken out by Ron Tully. While Juice was a hard character to trust, actor Theo Rossi seems a lot more trusting in real life. Rossi welcomed his second child about a year ago and has helped co-star Kim Coates with the charity Boot Campaign.

meet the cast of sons anarchy 2014 music

The Boot Campaign was designed to raise awareness and funds for soldiers who have trouble adjusting once they return home and for those currently serving in the military. You can read his touching letter here.

Some actors are extremely discourteous on the screen but turn out to be the nicest people in real life. Jax thanks the club for their loyalty and faith in him as he sought personal vengeance.


After they adjourn, Unser tells them about Juice shooting at cops and being taken in. Something about the club's reaction strikes Unser as odd. At TM, Chuckie brings Gemma cigarettes and lets her know he'll listen if she needs to talk. She heads outside when Nero pulls up. He tells her it's time for him to make a decision about what's right. He wants Jax to buy him out of Diosa and he'll take his son with him.

He wants Gemma to come with him and bring the boys, but she says she can't leave with everything going on. He asks her to think about it. We deserve something better, Gemma," he says. She agrees to think about it. Unser tells Gemma he could tell the club already knew about Juice and they're working him for something. Gemma tells him he doesn't need to move his trailer and asks him not to go. Jax, Chibs and Happy go to the church to talk to the pastor's step-son and widow. They tell them they've been watching August Marks and saw his thugs burying the body at a construction spot.

Jax asks for their help in stopping Marks. They want her to sign a statement saying Marks threatened them into signing the agreement. That plus her husband's body should be enough of a threat to back Marks off. The stepson tells Jax that one of his stepfather's suppliers has been blackmailing them. He has cell phone footage of the pastor with young men. If it comes out, the church's reputation will be ruined. She thinks it'll also weaken any statement against Marks.

Jax says the club can handle the blackmailer, a pimp named Greensleeves. He offers Lucretia use of their cabin and Gemma's help getting her off heroin. She agrees and Jax gives her the statement to sign. Jax asks for a copy to show Marks.

Jax tries to reassure the stepson. Outside, Jax tells Rat and Montez to have the pastor's wife and stepson follow them to the cabin. He tells Rat to tell Gemma to go to the cabin. Jax realizes Rat is afraid of Gemma. Nero meets with Chibs and Jax. He agrees to point out Greensleeves when Jax says innocent people are going to get hurt. Nero asks for ten minutes with Jax for Diosa stuff when its done.

In County, Juice is angry when he gets put in isolation instead of general population. Nero points out the blackmailer on the street then hangs back. Meanwhile, Greensleeves literally twists the arm of one of his girls, then gives her a pep talk about going out with a john who's hurt her in the past.

meet the cast of sons anarchy 2014 music

Chibs and Jax approach him, with Chibs eventually socking him in the gut. But then the girls tackle Jax and Greensleeves manages to get into his Hummer and drive off, crushing Jax's ride and nearly running over Nero in the process. Later, they bust in on Greensleeves in his place. He grabs a strung-out girl off his couch and holds a knife to her throat.

Jax unfazed, advances while claiming he would not care if Greensleeves killed one of his "strung-out whores". As Greensleeves starts to go for a gun on a table, Chibs shoots him in the shoulder. Greensleeves tells them where to find the phone with the blackmail material on it. Jax tosses him through a window, impaling him on a large shard of glass and leaving him hanging halfway out.

Later, with Winsome waiting in his car, Nero asks Jax to buy him out. Jax tries to assure him things are settling down, but Nero has heard it before. She's nervous and resists. Happy and Rat are fidgety and she mistakes their nervousness for a threat. Unser pulls up as she's getting in the van with them and tries to make sense of what he's seeing.

Tyler comes to meet with Chibs and Jax. They give him Lucretia's statement against Marks and ask Tyler to give it to him at the park at 6 p.

The Sons of Anarchy Cast: Where Are They Now? (16 Photos)

The Mayans will be there, but the club wo'nt. Back at her house, Gemma packs her gun. At a Pope construction site, Bobby, Tig and Quinn drop the pastor's body in the ground with a Pope construction sign on it and snap a picture to send to Tyler. Then they bury him. Wendy comes home from picking Abel up at preschool early.

He got into a shoving match with a first grader. Gemma picks up Thomas in the bedroom and tearfully tries to explain that sometimes accidents happen and she was just trying to be a good grandmother.

Sons of Anarchy

Killing your mommy was an accident. I didn't want to kill her, I didn't mean it, Gemma sobs. Abel stands in the doorway and hears it all. Later, Wendy reassures Gemma that Jax wouldn't hurt her.

They're interrupted by Happy coming for Gemma. Marcus agrees to bring it to his table. Nero gets an urgent call from Wendy about Gemma being taken to the cabin. Unser goes to pick up Jax's bike and tells him that Wendy just called him, too, and said Gemma was freaking out. Jax has no idea what he's talking about, but assumes Happy freaked her out.

Bobby volunteers to go up to the cabin to smooth things over. Tig gets confirmation from Tyler that Marks will be at the meeting tonight.

  • The 9 Most Shocking Moments From the 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale
  • The 9 Most Shocking Moments From the 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale

Gemma arrives at the cabin, and gets even more nervous when Montez tells her to head into the bedroom. She steps into the kitchen for a drink and grabs her gun. She is confused, then incredibly relieved when she sees the pastor's wife and stepson in the bedroom and learns she really is there for a mother and son family problem. Out on the road in the Buick, Bobby is enjoying the open road when a BMW and Mercedes surround him and force him off the road.

He survives the crash, but knows he's in trouble when he sees Mark's guys piling out of the cars. Wendy checks on Abel in bed and he pretends to be asleep, but is really filled with all of the dark secrets and violence he has learned.