Oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

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oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

Thread: oley pa show and swap meet , PM #11 Very keen on unusable parts as patterns too, or if there's a bike there photos photos. Denver motorcycle expo swap meet feb 1 and 2 · Arlington Texas bike show and meet June 21st · RMC Swap & Drags This Weekend 6/6 - Oley, PA. The Deutsche Classic is an all-German automotive & motorcycle event, on Saturday, July 13th, at the beautiful Oley Fairgrounds, Pennsylvania.

Regarding the website, Curt Bunce complained about old information on the website, asked about updating costs, any fees with regards to maintaining the site and said: Contact will be made to Ryan concerning the website. Curt Bunce and Al Stroebel did not do an audit of the books at the Brookfield meet as proposed, but Dick took the books to Wampsville, they were reviews and no discrepancies appeared, all balances were good.

This covered the year. Cindy will check on a date. Tom Thomson reported there was interest in coming back with antique bikes. There was a welcoming atmosphere and lots of interest in the old bikes. The Americade organization picked up the cost of the campsite.

Oley Swap Meet

Seven bikes were on display. Dates for next year: Bruce Prashaw reported his experiences: Commitment is needed for next year and Bruce should be contacted if interested in showing a bike. He will be a volunteer for Americade There was discussion of hosting a Chapter Road Run.

Tom and Karen Thomson will work to organize it. Friday and Saturday Aug.

AMCA Oley 2017 Abstract

Curt Bunce will secure the dates with the fairgrounds. Suggestion was made to keep the Saturday activities the same, movies, raffles each two hoursarrivals on Friday with departure by noon on Sunday.

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Herings and DeCosas will again organize the contributions of doughnuts from local enterprises and man the table. February 11, 12, are the scheduled dates.

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  • AMCA Swap Meet in Oley, PA

Let Al Sorensen know if you will be showing a bike. Bill Lane and Carl Bliss will be judging the show bikes and need help. Frank Westfall was the overall winner of the Cannonball run. Steve DeCosa was successful in completion of the ride, finishing first in his class. They travelled through 11 states, covered miles in 17 days. Congratulations to Steve and Joan for their super accomplishment!!

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

Dot and Curt Bunce suggested having a spring and fall ride. They shared maps with rider friendly routes in our area, encouraging planning some club rides. A few Empire chapter members attended their meeting and were welcomed.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

They also encouraged one-day road runs as a chapter. Flyers would be shared at Brookfield, on Craigslist, advertising beer, pig roast, parts, and vendors. They surveyed the members about expectations for the club and the possibility of having club sponsors.

Meeting was adjourned at The club will pay for the meal, with a basket for donations available. Thanks again to Al Sorensen for his term as President. The rally was very well run organized and there were just a few problems with the cars and after all that why my buddies and I were there! Most issues were minor repairs that were easily fixed in parking lots or road side, blown fuses and faulty wiring, etc.

Several cars had problems that could have been easily avoided by having their cars checked by professionals before the rally. The biggest problem was driving through changes in elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Several cars overheated and that made them unable to finish the trip.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

These people were provided a rental car or rode the rest of the trip with friends. We got to know the owners of a Chevrolet Fleetline very well that had over tightened wheel bearings that eventually destroyed the custom spindles.

AMCA Swap Meet in Oley, PA | Indian Motorcycle Forum

A Chrysler New Yorker blew all the seals in the transmission and also went home on a trailer. Many cars had bad seals that needed replacement a long time ago and one car overheated so badly he blew his engine. These issues could have easily been avoided with a preventive mechanical inspection before the rally.

This was a great experience, which I would be more than happy to do again and most likely will. It taught me a great deal about the owners of classic cars that I did not fully understand before the rally.

I also was able to visit some amazing museums and attractions I would have otherwise never seen.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

My name is Eugene Toner, I am 25 years old, and I am the next generation of Car Guy, as I grew up around classic sports cars and have always had a passion for them!

Will I see you on the next rally?