Australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

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australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

WALKING through the gate at Steve Irwins Australia Zoo, dressed in crisp new khaki, Jane not her real name October 27, pm. Australia Zoo: Take a tiger walk - See traveler reviews, candid Australia Zoo 1-Day or 2-Day Admission Ticket Date of experience: May Home / Noosa and the Sunshine Coast / Visit Australia Zoo from Noosa: 5 little- known facts Posted on December 2, at am by stcsupport offered, ranging from Echidnas and Wombats to Rhinos and Tigers. MEET THE TEAM.

australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

Applicants who meet the above criteria should send a cover letter and resume to hr asutraliazoo. Since that time the Big Cat family has expanded as has the world class facility where they live. Three acres of land encompassing ten large yards and two beautiful displays make up the area the tigers call home.

The dedicated tiger team are very passionate about giving the animals in their care the best life possible and also the protection and conservation of their wild cousins.

australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

Through partnerships with conservation organisations Australia Zoo's Tigers play an important role in educating the public and raising much needed funding to save these magnificent animals from extinction.

A tiger handler's day consists of walking our beautiful cats as well as training, enriching and playing with them. A very strong bond is formed from a young age between the Tigers and their handlers allowing them to interact with each other on a daily basis as well as offering guest encounters to members of the public for an up close and personal experience of a lifetime.

Geoff hanging out with Scout, Reggie and Delilah Geoff Head of Department Geoff started at the zoo in as a trainee handler after a few weeks volunteering, since then he has progressed to becoming a handler, then a senior handler to eventually the Head of the Tigers Department. He enjoys both the rewards and the challenges that come with managing a close knit team and the 13 tigers currently housed at Australia Zoo's Tiger facility.

australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

He has extensive experience in the care of many exotic species including: InMatty travelled to Sumatra with FFI's tiger protection units to participate first-hand in the conservation of the Sumatran Tiger. It is a program that Australia Zoo actively supports, and one that Matty is proud to be involved with.

Matty took some brief time away from the tiger team in to work in the USA, gaining some valuable experience with large carnivores. Since his return inhe has enjoyed the challenges of a senior role in the department. Working so closely with these beautiful animals is a blessing, but most importantly, it's a wonderful way to educate our guests and raise much needed funds to save tigers in the wild.

Kassie 2IC Kassie first joined the Zoo back in after studying wildlife rehabilitation and doing some volunteer work. Starting out with our adorable native mammals, Kass soon moved over to our gorgeous primates before landing her dream job in April of with our tiger team.

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Always having a passion for tiger conservation, Kassie loves every second spent with our magnificent cats. In earlyKassie traveled to Sumatra Indonesia and had the opportunity to witness just how desperate the situation is becoming for the Sumatran tiger, as well as other wildlife that share their habitat such as the Asian elephant, orangutan and Sumatran Rhino.

australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

Elise with one of our beautiful cats Elise Tiger Handler Elise began working at the zoo in November and has enjoyed working in a variety of departments including Retail, Native Mammals, Africa and Cheetahs.

Within the Africa team, Elise was able to hone her training and conditioning skills, a challenging part of her role that she has learnt to love.

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Her passion for cats was reinforced during the two and a half years she spent within the Cheetah team. Here, she was not only able to build relationships with the cats in her care, but also begin developing her understanding of felid behaviour. Since recently joining the big cat department, Elise is particularly proud to be involved with a team committed to conserving this magnificent animal in its natural habitat.

She looks forward to expanding her knowledge of cats and taking advantage of this great opportunity to contribute to conservation. His childhood consisted of bottle feeding calves before school, rescuing and hand rearing native birds and even a baby bearded dragon he would take to school in a little travel enclosure.

After finishing high school Ethan moved to Europe living in Belgium. His time was spent as a full time elite athlete and cyclist. After two years and a change of career goals Ethan decided to move back to Australia and follow his other dream of working with animals. Terms and Conditions 1. Big Cat Encounters are only available to participants who are 15 years and older. Guests must be fit and healthy, have full motor skill capacity.

If any participants arrive and cannot display this, the encounter will not go ahead. You may be asked to demonstrate this ability. Guests with limps, wheelchairs or walking aids are not permitted on the encounter. Each guest must have full intellectual abilities. Each guest must be able to understand English or have a paying participating interpreter with them.

Australia Zoo reserves the right to refuse any person to participate in the encounter for safety or other reasons. General Animal Encounter Terms and Conditions 8. Guests must be at the Admission gate by 8: A staff member will sign all guests in for the 8: Only paying participants can participate, there are no opportunities for others party members to view the encounter.

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Australia Zoo staffs are not able to look after children during the encounter. Entry is not included; guests must have a valid Zoo entry to participate in any encounters.


If you do not show or are late to the experience the fee will NOT be refunded. Enclosed and flat suitable footwear must be worn during the encounter. Shoes that have been recently worn around grazing animals eg. Clothing should be neutral in colour and not be overly baggy or frilly. Pants should be knee length or longer. NO short shorts, skirts or dresses allowed. Big Cat Encounters are subject to the weather.

You must be aware that the encounter may be cancelled if bad weather occurs before or during the Session. The encounter will be rescheduled for the next available date, at the handler's discretion. No personal items are to be taken into the enclosures this includes cameras.

australia zoo meet the tigers 2015

An Australia Zoo photographer will be present to capture the action. Photos are available to purchase at the Fuji Photo Lab.