Bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates flyer

BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 11 - Meet the candidates

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates flyer

Well, it turns out the BBC does actually pay candidates to appear on the show how much these self-confessed high-flyers get paid in their regular jobs, The Apprentice meet the candidates (who all seem as lovely as. Meet Apprentice candidate Sarah Ann Magson, the Teeside solicitor ready to lay down the law Sarah Ann is the oldest candidate of the series (Picture: BBC) Ann has also run her own nursery furniture business since . Woman on ITV News calls for the Gatwick Drone flyer 'to be hanged'. Candidates compete to go into business with multimillionaire tycoon Lord Sugar. Meet the latest batch of aspiring entrepreneurs prepared to take on the.

It's like it's in heat. He's needed on the phone Brett's perfectly perplexing professional pointer. Preperation perpetually pre-empts problems, as we all know. But periodically, peripheral and pointless provisions can prohibit progress. See Vana's "market research": So add this one to your lexicon, Brett: You can't screw a nail So don't even try, okay?

BBC And April is fired too! What a very, very lucky boy. Sweet dreams Mergim has a genuinely moving moment when he persuades Lord Sugar to consider ho hard he's worked to overcome his background as a refugee. Lord Sugar says that even if he is fired today, no one can take Mergim's dream of becoming a millionaire away from him But fires him anyway.

It's one of those, "with regret" situations, though: Alan continues to insist that Mergim not lose sight of his dreams. Is anyone else finding this all a bit Mergim will be missed as light relief on the show, but this mid-series point is often when we lose the most charismatic characters. Of course David didn't get fired!

And we have a sudden firing of Elle!!!!!! My two favourites gone in three weeks. He'd have looked like a bloody idiot if he hadn't. In another unusual turn, Joseph has been given immunity for his stellar performance. Alan seems to be having a maverick week, I'd be scared if I were in that boardroom. I think a lot of people might be going home today. Which means Brett has followed the specifications to the letter, as always, and brought his team into victory.

It's Connexus's first win of the series. Phew, they needed that. Though this does mean that Elle has never been on a winning team. At least we get to see Richard's smug face looking slightly less smug than ususal Photo: Or happy to see Brett's downfall.

Nope, not at all. These smirks really don't help support her complaints that she is unfairly represented on the show. Erm, like drive your own car or watch your own candidates, Al? Mergim continues his week of equal parts pathos and comedy, sending the boardroom into slight hysteria, unintentionally.

God bless you, Mergim.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates flyer

Although this will inevitably be seen in the boardroom as Mergim messing things up for the rest of his team, he does at least manage to get most of the money for the job by charming the shop owners. Elle's attempts to disguise the fact that they have no more jobs to do are pretty unconvincing.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates flyer

Unsurprisingly, Elle drives away leaving Richard stranded at the shop front. Despite no previous experience, Scott happily offers to rebuild an entire garden in a day.

Not disheartened by his earlier losing battle with a shelf, Mergim declares all DIY easy while his teammates look on in despair. At least they're an optimistic bunch.

Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Sarah Ann Magson, the Teeside solicitor ready to lay down the law

Versatile head to the commerical job they secured: Connexus are at the other commercial job: Sam and Selina complain about how gross cleaning is while Brett, in his element, energetically instructs them to sweep, wash and tear old chewing gum from the ground with their teeth. Okay so not really with their teeth, but I bet he'd like that.

Versatile talents Mergim creates a big hole in the wall and struggles to put up a shelf properly. BBC "Madam, is the shelf meant to lean to one side or is it meant to say straight?

Karren is delighted by his competence. Karren watches on, resigned to Mergim tearing down an entire wall. On Versatile's other subteam, Elle is already talking about packing her suitcase. A good day all round then. Missed connections After self-defined "wordsmith" Sam managed to completely balls up the writing task last week, Brett puts him on numbers, which Sam already confesses isn't his forte. While the rest of Versatile start washing windows, Connexus's Vana insists on the importance of market research, and decides to spend valuable time asking strangers on the street questions like, "is this a gardening neighbourhood?

Scott mutters some more about connecting people. It's not going brilliantly.

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Time flies For the first element of the task, teams must design flyers for their businesses. Brett plumps for the utterly meaningless almost-pun "Connexing us to you. Mergim, who has up to now been used as a kind of comedy prop by the producers due to his cheeky-chappy mannerisms, Essex accent and habit of referring to his own good looks, is suddenly given some interesting backstory.

His experience with window-cleaning prompts Elle to make him sub-team leader, provoking some baffled looks from the rest of Versatile. Meanwhile, precision-obsessed Brett is already banging on about "professionalism" and "customer satisfaction". Alan's orders The candidates are called to Balham, with the ominous instruction that they must be wearing high vis jackets and steel toe-capped boots. In Brett's eloquent phrase, perhaps they will be "construction-ing". With four white vans waiting, Alan assembles his very visible troops at a builders' merchants.

After he is driven to the site by his chauffeur, flanked my his subordinate dogsbodies Claude and Karren, Al starts preaching the importance of getting your hands dirty. The candidates looking, um, highly visible.

BBC The task is to set up and run a handyman business: Alan highlights the relevant experience of Joseph, Elle and Brett. Brett steps up to lead Team Connexus with the mischievous grin of a man thrilled by the prospect of hours of precise hedge-cutting. Elle graciously moves over to the other side to project manage Team Versatile, while Vana heads back over to Connexus.

Week Six It's that time again. Last week's literary task saw the teams attempt to create their own acclaimed work of fiction: Thus, Bizzie the bee and Snottydink the, er And the Lord Sugar saw all that they had made, and it was not good. Many candidates were criticised for overcomplicated texts, bad strategies, and general dithering, but ultimately it was the glum-faced angel of boredom Natalie who was cast out of paradise.

After that week of creative energy, Alan decides it's high time his candidates got their hands dirty. After he is driven to the site by his chauffeur, flanked my his subordinates, Al starts preaching the importance of doing the grunt work yourself. The task is to set up and run a DIY business: April describes herself as ambitious, honest and loyal. We come first, we win on the track and we will win in the boardroom. Plymouth Brett went straight to the Royal Navy after leaving school, where he worked as a marine engineer.

He says starting his own property business from scratch is his biggest business achievement to date. He says his biggest strengths are being hard working, committed and trustworthy, and that he has no weaknesses. His attitude to business is 'work hard, play hard, work harder'. Owner, Hair and Beauty Salon Lives: Plymouth Charleine served in the Royal Navy for eleven and a half years before leaving the service to start her own hair and beauty salon and online clothing boutique.

She says her drive and determination are her biggest strengths. Director, Fragrance Retailer Lives: He describes himself as bright, optimistic and cheerful. He cites turning his fragrance company around after a difficult few years as the business achievement he is most proud of.

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He names Jeff Bezos of Amazon as one of his inspirations, because he feels the company has redefined the way consumers see online shopping. A lot of people laugh at me. Owner, Sports Marketing Company Lives: He cites Elon Musk as his business inspiration because of the amount he achieved early on in his career. Operations Executive, Construction Lives: London Elle describes herself as a 'geezer bird' and says she is effervescent, passionate and maybe 'a little insane'.

As well as teaching herself fluent Latin, she lists her biggest business achievement to date as her previous role as Operations Director of a construction company at just 20 years old. She cites Taylor Swift as her business inspiration, calling her 'the best businesswoman of the 21st century'.

Nottingham Gary spent seven years at a leading supermarket chain as a Programme Manager, developing new store sites.

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Business Management Student Lives: London Jenny graduated from university this summer, where she achieved the highest grades in her year for her Business Studies course. A keen feminist, she cites actress Emma Watson as an inspiration for her role in the recent He for She campaign. Owner, Plumbing Business Lives: Peterborough Joseph describes himself as successful, passionate and driven. He currently runs his own plumbing company and feels having a business is like being a parent, as it needs undivided attention and nurturing, and that Hugh Hefner is one of his role models.

Sales Account Manager Lives: Coventry Kosovan-born Mergim fled from the war-torn country to the UK with his parents and siblings when he was seven years old. Since the age of 18, he has been supporting his family by working in a range of jobs from sales to waiting tables.