Bob hayes middle school track meet 2015

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bob hayes middle school track meet 2015

Meet Logo. Bob Hayes Invitational March , - Jacksonville, FL. Bob Hayes Invitational March Share. ›› Middle School Results. Jan 5, March 19, McNeese Cowboy Relays "Bob Hayes Challenge" McNeese Middle School Outdoor Relays, Meet Info · Meet Info, CLICK HERE. Highschool: Bill Crothers Secondary School finish at the ULM Warhawk Invitational () and a 14th position at the MSU Cowboy Relays/Bob Hayes La.

The next year, the carnival drew athletes and fans. The first world record set at Drake came in Bythe Relays had been expanded to a two-day affair and drew over 10, fans while becoming the first track and field event broadcast on radio. For the meet, Drake Stadium replaced Haskins Field as the host venue. Relay festivities transform Drake University. Students kick off the carnival by painting Carpenter Avenue near the center of campus.

bob hayes middle school track meet 2015

The event serves as a second homecoming for the school, with numerous alumni reunions taking place during the week. Prudence earned the illustrious cape, crown and throne — along with the title of official mascot for the Drake Relays.

Bob Hayes Invitational

Tuesday brings the Grand Blue Mile, an all-ages one-mile run through the heart of downtown Des Moines. The first competitions get underway Wednesday. The pole vault is contested indoors at Capital Square, while the decathlon and heptathlon events begin at Drake Stadium.

bob hayes middle school track meet 2015

The festivities conclude with the distance carnival Thursday evening. Some of the finest-ever athletic performances have taken place on the Blue Oval.

List of world records in athletics

Criteria[ edit ] The Criteria which must be satisfied for ratification also apply to national or other restricted records and also to performances submitted as qualifying marks for eligibility to compete in major events such as the Olympic Games.

The dimensions of the track and equipment used must conform to standards. In road events, the course must be accurately measured, by a certified measurer. Except in road events road running and race walkingthe performance must be set in a single-sex race, [1] with the sole exception of the mixed-sex 4xm relay, introduced by the IAAF in All team members in a relay race must be of the same nationality. Pacemakers are allowed, provided they have not been lapped; lapped athletes must give way.

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Drug testing immediately after the performance is now required for ratification of a record. Existing records which predate this requirement are still extant.

Athletes who pass the immediate test but are later found to have been on drugs have their performances invalidated. In running events up to m in distance and in horizontal jump events, wind assistance is permitted only up to 2. In decathlon or heptathlonaverage wind assistance of less than 2. In running events up to m in distance, photo finish fully automatic timing is required.

bob hayes middle school track meet 2015

There is no restriction on altitude; since the thinner atmosphere of higher altitude provides less air resistance, locations such as Mexico City and Sestriere have previously been the sites of records in the sprint and jump events. See effects of high altitude on humans. Records set at high altitude venues are often marked with an "A" though that does not disqualify it as a record.