Club penguin ph meet up times 2015

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club penguin ph meet up times 2015

PH, Puffle Handler, Paige is visiting, waddling around the Club Penguin Island for International Cat Day/Week August Check out for. Megg has many times to meetup with mascot PH! Here is her message to us: Hi Penguins, Here are the first week of meet-up times for our. Check out the Mascot Meetup on October 20, That Mascot Meetup is with Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Rookie, Rockhopper, Gary, PH, Dot AND.

Although four of them likely were ruined in the popcorn explosion. Gary has at least the first 32 pins in his collection except the Soccer Ball pin as seen in the Missions.


He likes extra strong cheese and anchovies on his Pizza as he said on Club Penguin: Gary judged the Halloween igloo decorating contest with Aunt Arctic. Gary stated in Mission 9 that he liked coffee and mathematics. Gary was the first mascot able to be added as a buddy. Some pictures show him writing with his left hand others show him using his right, meaning it is possible for him to be ambidextrous.

Gary's glasses could be special, because in the Halloween Partyhe didn't need night vision goggles or a lamp to see. Otherwise he knows the way of the Dark Chamber naturally. Gary tries not to be confusing as proved in mission 3. Gary has anywhere between pairs of socks it is different to everyone as revealed on Mission 1. At the beginning of the Medieval Partythere was a bug that had the player card he had from the Halloween Party and had the Thunder Blade instead of the Ghoul Detector.

Club Penguin later changed his player card to his classic player card. At the Medieval Partythere was a special seat at the lighthouse for him, probably to escape crowds. Gary made a cameo appearance in The Party Starts Now. According to the Yearbook, he is the most likely to save the island with a Milkshakerocketcopter Gary could not add some penguins at the beginning of Halloween Party because of a glitch.

We be announcin' winners soon. Best of luck to ye! August 23, - An enormous volcano has appeared at the Snow Forts! Scientists and pizza chefs are baffled. Gary the Gadget Guy could not be reached for comment.

August 30, - Hey everyone! I've got a big surprise for you in September. And I promise I won't mess it up like last time! September 6, - EPF agents have been spotted running around the island recently.

What are they up to? September 13, - Rookie sighted around Club Penguin! The noted island-tipper and April Fool was spotted helping prepare for the Fair. No disasters have been reported yet. September 20, - Animals aplenty! Check out the farm decoration at the Beach if you're looking for the perfect pasture for a picnic.

We asked a horse if he is going to miss it, and he said, "Neigh! September 27, - It's pure pandemonium at the Bumper Car Derby! The crowd is on its feet, and October 4, - It's time to get ghoulish with new costumes at the Gift Shop. Lurk in the shadows as a sinister bat or get dirty digging graves. October 11, - Prepare yourself for scary low prices! The latest Igloo Furniture catalog is here, just in time for Halloween. Decorate with darkness today! October 25, - And now, a traditional Halloween poem: Give me something good to eat.

Just don't eat candy 'til you're sick! November 1, - Now listen up, see? There's a marvelous mystery at the stage, see? There's a damsel, a detective, and a dazzling ruby. Can you solve the perplexing puzzle? We'll have to see November 8, - EPF Agents have been seen all over the island. Please answer any questions they have.

club penguin ph meet up times 2015

This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill. November 15, - Surrender EPF agents! I KNOW who you are! I have discovered your secret identities. November 22, - Emergency announcement: Penguins and puffles are advised not leave there igloos without proper cold-weather gear. November 29, - Herbert was spotted running around the island last week, looking generally flustered and cranky.

Should you see him, all citizens are encouraged to throw snowballs at him. December 6, - Start your seasonal celebrations early this year, with the Humbug Holiday Party play now showing at the stage.

club penguin ph meet up times 2015

No polar bears allowed! December 13, - Tidal experts, pirates, and brown puffles all agree - Rockhopper will be landing at the Beach on December December 20, - Avast! All bakers on deck! We be needin' cookie crafters by the baker's dozen at the Bakery! If we be not gettin' help soon, our goose is baked December 27, - Coins for Change is nearly finished!

Got room for a few more cookies? Then head to the Cookie Shop, and use your sweet tooth to help change the world! January 4, - Hey there friend.

Looking for the latest and greatest fashions on the island? I bet you are.

club penguin ph meet up times 2015

Come check out the new line of outstanding outfits in the Clothes Shop. It's the prefect practice for prehistoric roleplay. January 24, - Caution: Iceberg contains giant monster shark. Tipping and jackhammering NOT advised. January 31, - Now trending: Don't forget your skateboard. Find all your need to be a superstar at the Clothes Shop Issue February 7, - Luxury Penthouses are popping up all over the island!

Tour the lifestyles of the rich and famous! February 14, - Take a ride in superstar luxury. February 21, - Cameras are flashing as the Paparazzi Snaps shots of this year's hottest celebs Who will you spot? February 28, - Construction has started at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Everyone on site should bring their hard hat and jackhammer! March 7, - Treasure Hunters needed! The Quest for the Golden Puffle has begun.

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Head to the Stage to begin your adventure. What does it mean?! March 21, - Think you have what it takes to be a Puffle Care Expert? Apply now at the Puffle Hotel! March 28, - Earn these rare stamps during the Puffle Party: April 5, - Pizza Party at the Cove cancelled due to shocking hot sauce robbery. April 11, - Unusual seismic activity reported on the island. Gary the Gadget Guy is currently investigating this phenomenon. April 18, - Herbert and Klutzy spotted floating off the shore of the Cove.

Agents are asked to remain on alert. This may not be the last we've seen of that pesky polar bear. April 25, - Heroes - Help repair the city! Grab your construction gloves from the launch pad at the beach! April 25, - Villains - Do not back down. Nothing can stop us.

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015: PH Meet-up Times! (Part 1)

May 2, - Heroes - Super heroes—Capture villains at any cost. They must not succeed. May 2, - Villains - Attention super villains! All super heroes who resisted must be captured and assimilated. Waddle up to it and this will appear: To adopt wild puffles, there is a button to lead to the Puffle Wild, however only members can buy them.

To adopt regular puffles, there is a button to head to the Pet Shop.

club penguin ph meet up times 2015

Members can also adopt the 13 limited edition puffles. There is a button to access the interface here, too. Coffee Shop Same exact thing as and The mixer bowl and rolling pin are interactive! Snow Forts Same as andbesides the added balloons that change colors according to the hide and seek task for the day.

club penguin ph meet up times 2015

The poles and seesaw are interactive! Just like the Town, the banner and the balloons change to a puffle color according to what day it is to find that puffle in a game of hide and seek more on that further in the post. Also just like the Town, apparently there is a Puffle Parade going on.

There is an adoption booth here, too. Puffle Berry Mall I was about to call it the Stage! The Puffle Gala is going on again for the third year in a row. It no longer has the puffle tricks screen.