Delta goodrem and brian mcfaddens relationship 2015

Brian McFadden's ex Delta Goodrem opens up about love life: 'I've had a few duds' -

delta goodrem and brian mcfaddens relationship 2015

Singers Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem attend the Madison Sex, cocktail event at Fox Studios on June 20, in Sydney, Australia. Delta Goodrem has hit out at her former fiancé Brian McFadden in her obvious reference to her failed relationship with the ex-Westlife star. POP star Brian McFadden says his relationship with ex-wife Kerry to model Vogue Williams for three years before splitting in July He was also in a high-profile relationship with Australian singer Delta Goodrem until.

Speaking to Closer Magazine, Brian said: She's married now and is having a baby. At the time of their divorce, Brian confessed the thing he misses the most from their three-year marriage is their dog - who was in Vogues care at the time. Winston was my best mate and we wouldn't leave each other's sides. The pair welcomed their first daughter Molly inbefore Lilly-Sue came along two years later in Brian and Kerry filed for divorce inclaiming Brian's infidelity was at the core of their problems.

The divorce was finalised in Despite having problems in the past, Brian has reportedly maintained a healthy relationship with Kerry for the sake of their children. In an interview with OK!

delta goodrem and brian mcfaddens relationship 2015

Magazine, Kerry said that they still keep in touch and they enjoy a good relationship together. That year, McFadden was linked to Goodrem in the wake of his split with Katona.

Conflicting reports abound on whether Brian and Kerry were still together when he fell for the Australian beauty, although McFadden has denied this many times over.

Brian McFadden: Mr Delta Goodrrem

Their working relationship on the single 'Almost There' was certainly up and running during his marriage to Katona. Either way, the Australian public has been less than benevolent to the pair.

delta goodrem and brian mcfaddens relationship 2015

And the path to true love never did run smooth. It was reported that inDelta's mother Lea advised her to end her relationship with McFadden in order to concentrate on furthering her musical career. Yet a year later, Brian and Delta were engaged after he reportedly proposed on holiday in Bali. Of more recent rumours that the pair had split, Brian said: What would we do without the English press?

Just when I thought Delta and I were happy they let me know we're not Given that Brian refers to Delta as his 'Angel Wife', it has been mooted that the pair have already married in secret.

Look at it this way, she was the Lady Diana of Australia, and her hooking up with Brian was not welcomed.

Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden’s gross game revealed

But she wears her heart on her sleeve and they're together pc. He's spinning his 15 minutes of fame down here," observes Sharp. The 'shocking' video showed Brian slicing Delta's piano in half with a chainsaw and microwaving her teddy bear. In the wake of the uproar, Goodrem was moved to publicly comment that, as a couple, they're very romantic in private and very much in love.

Yet with Delta currently indisposed in Los Angeles, McFadden is a regular fixture on the coffee-shop strip of Sydney's inner city, and at nightspots such as Sienna Marina, where he hangs with his newfound posse.

It's hard for him being so far away from home. He's a homeboy, and a Dublin boy through and through.

Brian McFadden: Mr Delta Goodrrem -

I'd have thought that of all of them [in Westlife], he'd be the last one to ever leave Ireland. That's tough for any person to hear, and tougher still for an entertainer to hear. Down in Australia someone wants him. Brian himself has done little to quell the flames of controversy: At first, I denied the lapdancer thing, but then I was taken to court for calling her a liar.

Me and Kerry didn't even see each other on our wedding night. If we hadn't had kids, the marriage wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. We don't have anything in common'. In Decemberafter a third custody battle, a truce was reportedly called between the pair, culminating in McFadden taking his daughters on holiday to LA. Despite the ongoing, high-octane drama, the Australian public has been less than benevolent to the pairing that was Katona and McFadden.

You only ever hear about the fact that he's with Delta Goodrem. Brian McFadden rarely appears on my radar as a journalist unless he's done something wrong. But that's the choice he made. It certainly tallies with the larger-than-life persona that pop followers have long been acquainted with.

Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden’s ‘gross’ game revealed by Kyle Sandilands

He was just high on life all the time," notes an industry associate. Yet underneath the bravado and bluster, there may lie hidden depths, and not just a little bit of personal hurt. It's hard to let go of that anger and realise that suddenly, you're out on your own. Every action, unfortunately for him, has been played out in public. Most people have the luxury of making their mistakes in private; he doesn't. And he could do with someone telling him that.

Although given past experiences, where he has felt the sharp end of an unforgiving media, it's perhaps easy to see why. He was called one night to a terminally sick child who didn't have much time left. He had no connection with that child, but her life was coming to an end. And he's done it a few times.