Friends episode where monica and richard meet

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friends episode where monica and richard meet

1. The One With Ross' New Girlfriend Eventually, Rachel finds a lunch receipt in Monica's jacket pocket and the truth comes out. The One Where Heckles Dies . Rachel convinces the gang she's over Ross, that is, until they meet the new guy . Monica persuades Joey and Chandler to take Richard to the Knicks game. If you go back to the very first episode of Friends (The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate), you'll notice something a little off about Phoebe. Monica and Richard have a chance meeting in a video store and decide to see each other as friends--but it doesn't stop there. Phoebe dates Robert, a jock whose.

In the season one episode, "The One With The Birth," he says that he is 25, while Rachel is implied to be closer to Monica's age of 26 since they went to high school together. The ages of the rest of the group are just as inconsistent.

For example, Ross was 29 in season 3, 4 and 5. Rachel couldn't have an old key to unlock Monica's apartment as the lock had been replaced, thus making an iconic moment impossible. Monica and Chandler lock their apartment door when everybody else shows up late to their Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel says she has an old key from when she used to live there and so she uses that key to unlock the door. The chain is still on the door, however, and Joey gets his head stuck.

When Chandler lets him free while Monica is on the phone, Joey crashes into the dinner presumably ruining everything. Monica isn't even mad, because she was on the phone with the adoption agency who told her they could adopt a baby.

friends episode where monica and richard meet

Unfortunately, they never would have gotten the door open. To get in, Joey tells the superintendent there's a gas leak.

Instead of finding the right key and unlocking the door, stating that would take too long, the superintendent has the door knocked down. He tells Joey and Phoebe that he'll have to replace the locks. Carol was not Ross' first and only partner before Rachel. Ross reluctantly tells Chandler and Joey that his now ex-wife, Carol, is the only woman he's ever slept with. He maintains this story for the early seasons -- that Carol was special and Rachel was only the second girl he'd ever slept with.

In the season seven episode, "The One With Rachel's Assistant," Ross accuses Chandler of sleeping with the cleaning lady back in college. Chandler tells Ross that that was actually him.

Ross doesn't challenge this and simply says"Whatever dude, you kissed a guy. Chandler already learned how to slip money. While waiting for a table in a restaurant, Monica tells Chandler to shake the host's hand and give him money.

friends episode where monica and richard meet

Chandler asks how she knows what to do and asks if her ex-boyfriend, Richard, used to do this. Richard walks in on them doing this and even says they're getting better, implying he taught them specifically how to slip money to people.

Chandler's question to Monica of whether Richard used this method makes no sense plus, look at how skilled he is at passing money back and forth with Joey!

He even does it without looking! Ross taking over Ugly Naked Guy's apartment? That whole building was actually destroyed. It's found out that Ugly Naked Guy is finally moving out, Ross is determined to take over the apartment. Again, they didn't tell Monica.

However, no one told Joey not to tell the bride, so he clued her in during the ceremony. He, in turn, ran around, asked others for help and grabbed a mixtape that he found lying around. He didn't even bother listening to it first. After he called her out on not making her gift, they didn't listen to the mixtape for a day.

Instead, he listened to it for the first time beside her. Like most things regarding Janice, Monica just let it go. However, it's a bit weird to still have a mixtape from your ex lying around. So he and Ross tried to recreate some key moments from the event, including the kiss with the bride. They crashed another wedding's reception, and Chandler kissed another woman.

friends episode where monica and richard meet

Meanwhile, Monica couldn't resist opening her and Chandler's wedding gifts, even though she just started with one small one. When the newlyweds met up, Monica revealed that she found the cameras. This meant the photo she held was evidence of him kissing another woman. Then Chandler saw the open presents. He asked if they could "call it even" and she agreed. However, how is kissing another woman and opening gifts anywhere near the same? She called him her "prince" and "soulmate.

Chandler was worried, even though he admitted that he didn't believe in soulmates.

Friends Season 3

Monica then told him she didn't believe in soulmates either and that she didn't think they were destined to end up together. They fell in love and worked hard at their relationship. Neither of them seemed to remember this, though, which they should have.

friends episode where monica and richard meet

After all, their vows were personal and romantic. They were the perfect example of "friends who became more. It wasn't until season 3 that the writers considered putting Monica and Chandler together.

The EP also revealed that it was uncertain if Monica and Chandler's relationship would last after London. It would have been a mistake if it hadn't happened. Monica and Chandler's relationship was so much better than Ross and Rachel's. It was smart to be cautious about their relationship. However, it's crazy to think there was ever a question mark once that hookup happened. The other women talked Monica into putting her name on the registry, just in case. Chandler overheard and promptly freaked out.

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Monica assured him that she didn't think they'd be getting married. Then, viewers found out that he had planned to propose and keep the venue. After they got engaged, Monica took out the wedding binder from her childhood. In fact, it looked like they got married in a hotel. However, gradually, the others found out. Once everyone knew, their friends started talking about their future. What would they get them for wedding gifts?

friends episode where monica and richard meet

Who would be their babies' godparents?