Stefan and katherine first meet

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stefan and katherine first meet

Stefan, Katherine and Damon General Information Nickname(s) Steferine, Katherine was first dating Damon, Katherine wanted to choose Stefan before she died, However, after meeting Katherine's descendant and fellow doppelgänger . Katherine Pierce, born Katerina Petrova (Bulgarian: Катерина Петрова) was a Her activities during her first centuries as a vampire are unknown, but at some In the late 19th century, she traveled to Mystic Falls, where she met Stefan and. This choice was sort of taken away from him when Katherine . Although Elena and Stefan meet for the first time outside of class they do share.

In GraduationKatherine initiated a violent fight with Elena, believing that Elena got the life that Katherine deserved. Following these events, she went on the run for the summer, but when she realized that her return to humanity made her vulnerable to all of the various supernatural enemies she had made over the centuries, she returned to Mystic Falls, hoping to sweet-talk Stefan and Damon into giving her their protection.

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However, she was forced to flee again when the immortal Silas came looking for her at the Salvatore Boarding House and tried to kill her. Silas later revealed to Damon that Katherine's blood became the cure after she had ingested it, which is why he wanted Katherine so he could cure himself and die so he could be reunited with his true love in the afterlife. She ran from him for weeks, but eventually, Damon helped Silas lure Katherine to the house and fed him her blood, which turned him back into a witch.

Though Katherine should have died after Silas completely drained her of blood, Katherine's survivor instincts won out, and she managed to live through the attack. Not ready to die, her daughter Nadia reminded her that as the daughter of a Traveler, Katherine had the magical powers necessary to become a Passenger in someone else's body.

She ultimately cast the Passenger spell on her deathbed to transfer her spirit into Elena's body, with help from Nadia and a Traveler named Mia. After the gang discovered this, Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler Knifeexpelling her from Elena's body, but not before Katherine made amends with a dying Nadia. Upon learning she was denied entry to the Other Sideand therefore also denied a reunion with her daughter, she was dragged by unseen forces into what is presumed to be a hell of some kind.

stefan and katherine first meet

It was revealed that Katherine was sent to Hell. She had a romantic relationship with both, although she had a clear preference for Stefan and would later reveal, in recent times, that she never loved Damon and that it was always Stefan. Katherine had planned to turn both brothers into vampires, and had been feeding them vampire blood for a while already when her identity was revealed and they were both killed by their own father for trying to protect her.

However, Damon truly loved her and had hoped to be the only one to be turned into a vampire by her, so he was angry at his brother for being turned into one as well.

Stefan Salvatore

Furthermore, Damon had been told by Emily Bennett that Katherine had been entombed along with all the other vampires in the town in as a form of protection, and so, for over years, he dreamed of bringing Katherine back as he shared a bitter and violent relationship with his brother.

In recent times, Damon came back to Mystic Falls after finding what he believed to be a way to finally bring Katherine back. When Katherine eventually returned to Mystic Falls as well and with the goal of killing Elena for various reasons, the Salvatore brothers and her became enemies. Afterwards, Damon's and Katherine's hate for each other continuously grew, and so did Damon's feelings for Elena.

stefan and katherine first meet

Although Damon would jump on any occasion to get rid of Katherine for good, Stefan has been more lenient with her, believing that she is merely the person that she is because of her harsh life.

The Stefan-Damon-Katherine love triangle is arguably the one to have had the most significant impact on the series' storyline. Damon and Katherine kiss. Damon went off to the Confederate army but came back to find Stefan playing a game with Katherine.

Katherine was happy he returned as she now had both brothers to keep her entertained.

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She needed someone to escort her to the Founder's Ball and both Stefan and Damon accepted to offer at the same time, awkwardly exchanging looks.

Katherine was amused but in the end, she chose Stefan. After the dance, Stefan escorted Katherine, beaming with pleasure because she was staying with his family. Stefan escorted her to her room and confessed his feelings for her and kissed her afterwards.

Katherine was taken by surprise, but in a good way.

stefan and katherine first meet

When she entered her room, she found Damon was waiting there. He had no problem with Stefan's "feeble crush" but Katherine had compelled him to leave her alone.

stefan and katherine first meet

Katherine was alone in her room and she brushed her fingers over her lips, thinking happily about Stefan's confession and his kiss. Katherine about to bite Stefan. While having sex with Stefan, Katherine's true nature was revealed as a vampire and she bit Stefan. In the morning, she compelled a frightened Stefan to keep her secret and not to tell anyone.

She had a future planned for herself, Stefan and Damon.

stefan and katherine first meet

She compelled both brothers to keep the secret from one another and eventually be together forever. Katherine knew that George Lockwood knew what she was and made a deal with him: Katherine continued her love affairs with both brothers. Damon fell deeply in love with Katherine and willingly drank her blood as he wanted to become a vampire himself and join the darkness in order to be with her for all of eternity. Pearla friend of Katherine's was aware of what she was doing to the brothers and advised Katherine against it, but Katherine wasn't bothered.

Vampires were being hunted and the Salvatore brothers knew that if Katherine was exposed, she would be taken away and be destroyed. Stefan wondered whether it would be best if they told their father Giuseppe Salvatore so he would protect her but Damon was against the suggestion, knowing that if their father found out, he would kill Katherine himself. Damon, wanting Katherine to be safe, made Stefan promise not to speak a word to their father. Nevertheless, Stefan went to Giuseppe anyway and tried to convince him that there were good vampires in the world, but Giuseppe knew that vampires were monsters and there was no goodness in them.

Suspicious of Stefan's judgment, Giuseppe spiked Stefan's drink with vervain. Speaking of Stefan's relative his Uncle Zach who lives in the Salvatore house, has a very strong hatred for his vampire ancestors.

He is a member of the council, a group of locals who try to protect their small town from supernatural beings. He grows vervain, a herb that weakens vampires, in his basement and supplies the council with it for themselves and their families.

Stefan and Katherine

When Stefan and Damon come to town he makes it very known that he doesn't want them there. They killed his parents He didn't have a reason He didn't approve of their lifestyle He loved vampires 18How does Stefan's mom die?

Stefan lost his mother at a very young age.

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