Father and son relationship video game

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father and son relationship video game

The bond between father and son gives the game some emotional bonding, but the relationship between Alyx Vance and her father Eli is a. Some of the best video game narratives involve a father/ mentor character, . relationship shared by the protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus. Most Popular "Father Son Relationship" Titles Mother Son Relationship (4,) Husband Wife Relationship (3,) Family Relationships (3,) Father Daughter Relationship (2,) . Game of Thrones (–). TV-MA Amazon Video.

Jack — Resident Evil 7 Source: Resident Evil Wiki The Resident Evil games are very hit and miss, but the latest instalment has debatably restored the series to the glory it knew in its inception. Featuring dark tight corners, creepy monsters, and an interesting story, this horror game is a must-have.

One aspect I and many other people enjoyed about the game is the Baker family, a psychopathic bunchof crazy characters living out in Louisiana.

father and son relationship video game

And at the head of this family is Jack Baker, an unhinged tank of a man. Definitely not the best dad on this list.

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He abused his son Kazuya when he was young, and went as far as throwing his son off the side of a cliff, just to see if he can climb up. Not only is one of the worst dads in this list, but a shit in general. Goals aside, Ghetsis sucks as a dad. N was mostly raised by his adoptive sisters, while Ghetsis mentally manipulated his son for his own needs.

Wanting a son just to further your own evil schemes? The good, the loving, the nurturing. Here are my picks for the top 10 best dads in video games. An anthropomorphic octopus dad. The badass Texan with a hard exterior and a heart of gold.

After twenty years pass, Joel is working as a smuggler and is hired to transport Ellie, a teenage girl who seems to be immune to the in-game virus. At first, Joel is cold and closed off to her, seeing her as nothing more than a job that demands to be completed as soon as possible.

However, in the last mission of the game, Joel finds out the only way that a vaccine can be synthesized is for Ellie to die. Furious, Joel goes against the people who hired him, stealing Ellie away from them and lying to her when she asks what happened.

Though Joel loses marks for his final decision, I understand it is because of the emotional connection he has to her and the relationship he and Ellie share is one of the best I have ever experienced in gaming. You follow the story of Lee Everett, a man who is just about to go to prison when the zombie outbreak happens.

By chance, he is able to escape his situation and comes across a young girl called Clementine.

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During this story, Lee protects and teaches Clementine, all the way to showing her how to handle a gun to even styling her hair to be more practical. However, like many apocalypse stories, it ends in tragedy. Lee gets bitten, Clem finds her parents long infected, and the two are stuck in a room surrounded by zombies.

After crashing his car into the town of Silent Hill and finding his daughter missing, Harry goes deeper into the town to look for her, only to find the town populated by all manner of monsters. A man of weaker character would take this as an opportunity to tuck their tail between their legs and run. Prior to his appearance in Dead rising 2, Chuck Greene is an ex-motorcross champion and his only daughter Katey gets infected by her mother-turned-zombie.

While weaker men would crumble in despair, this motivates Chuck to keep his daughter human at all costs, going to great lengths to find Zombrex, an anti-zombification drug, even going on a reality show killing zombies to get cash just to pay for the drug.

And when the arena Chuck is competing at gets caught in an outbreak, does that stop him? The canon ending shows Chuck and his daughter walking out from the game alive, and though something happens between them between Dead Rising 2 and 3, they reconcile their relationship. Kazuma Kiryu — Yakuza Series Want to humanize a criminal? Make him a guardian. Despite being a hardened badass who regularly beats his enemies to a pulp, he is loving and caring when it comes to raising Haruka.

He loses some points in this scoring as the events of the games regularly put her in danger, but as a father? He is pretty good one. Dad — Fallout 3 A lot of fathers on this list come from zombie apocalypse games, but this entry is of the nuclear variety.

The Fallout games follow events around a devastated America and a society trying to rebuild itself. The third iteration is based in the area that was once DC. You start off in Vaultan underground bunker built with the purpose of safeguarding some of humanity from annihilation. This sets up the relationship between the two and up until the final act of the third game it stays that way.

The game starts you off as a baby and over the course of a few minutes you play as your character at different points in their life growing up. Your father is there to teach you along the way; how to walk, how to fire a gun. The dynamic here is of a son or daughter trying to survive without a father figure and eventually finding him to make things better. This could have been very interesting but the open world aspect of Fallout 3 does not lend itself to such a story.

Your character should be eager to find their father but the player will most likely just want to roam the open world and blow the hell out of Super Mutants. Fallout 4 Fallout 4 represents a complete This time the player is searching for their son.

The game starts with the player and their husband or wife and son before the bombs drop. Luckily a man comes to the door offering you a place in a vault and immediately all hell breaks loose. The nukes are coming and you all run for the hill to get into the vault. Once you get there everyone is frozen in cryostasis tubes. Shaun is an elderly man by the time you find him.

father and son relationship video game

Missing out on the life of your child should be a heartbreaking experience. Having a child so you can raise him only to have him torn away and go on as if you never existed. Just like in Fallout 3 the gameplay does not complement the story. People who play Fallout usually do it to explore the post apocalyptic wasteland, killing raiders and levelling up and the like. The aim of the game is to play as the father and keep your baby son away from hazards around the house.

Sharp objects, falling off things etc. This game is clearly meant to be funny rather than taking family themes seriously.

father and son relationship video game

He basically turns them into a little army seeking revenge on the world. No father wants to lose their son. Losing a beloved son to death would be bad enough but at least you could say he loved you.

Having your own son turn his back on you and leave you without a care in the world would be heartbreaking.

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Liquid hates and idolises Big Boss. Snake however, had no idea that Big Boss was his genetic father. It shows the influence that a father can have on his sons just by picking one as a favorite over the other. He was still alive but he kills him for good in MGS 4. Through various plot contrivances Big Boss is alive and well.

He appears at the very end of the game. An elderly Solid Snake is in a graveyard holding a pistol, thinking of ending it all at last. Big Boss comes in out of nowhere with a huge gun.

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They face each other. BB drops his gun and grabs Snake for some good old CQC and just as he has Snake right where he wants him he goes in for the hug!

father and son relationship video game

A nice warm hug. Time for you to put aside the gun and live.

father and son relationship video game