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alfred slote jake ending relationship

In Slote and his baseball book Jake were the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 short Alfred Slote (born September 11, )[1] is a children's author known for his the closing at Baker plant (); Stranger on the Ball Club (); Jake ( ); The Helen Slote Levitt, as Slote was called after her marriage, was also . Jake [Alfred Slote] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jake, a tough, independent eleven-year-old ballplayer lives with his Uncle Lenny. In the end he does, but the author Carol Carrick leaves us with the impression In Alfred Slote's Omega Station (ages ) Jack impersonates his robot double.

alfred slote jake ending relationship

But even if he did intend to help Juri realize that she had hurt herself a lot Mamoru did a form of this in the second series, in which he was receiving rather disturbing messages that Usagi would die if they continued to be together and he forced himself apart from Usagi.

In one episode of the first season, Minako had left England, allowing her big-sister figure and her love interest to be together after seeing them cry in each others arms because they thought Sailor V was killed in an explosion. For Shi Ryuuki in Saiunkoku Monogatariwanting his beloved to be happy means bootstrapping his country's progress toward gender equality ahead about a century, making it possible for women to serve as government officials so that Shuurei can fulfill her lifelong dream of doing just that.

Conveniently, this also turns out pretty well for Saiunkoku as a whole. Nakaya, their son, does the same thing 17 years later when, after coming to live with Shino for a while, he decides to move out to make way for Tenryuu, his father's Love Interest. Also, there is another instance towards the end of the manga where Max, Eri Sawachika 's childhood friend who invokes this trope when he convinces Harima to stop Eri's arranged marriage.

She knows damn well that Ryuhou loves Mimori, not her, but she can't stand to let him die, even if that means losing her own life and another woman getting him. Possibly subverted in that Ryuhou later cites her death as an example of why it's a bad idea to love himwhen he tells Mimori that starting a relationship won't be happening.

Serial Experiments Lain toes the line between text and Subtext with a lot of Lain and Alice's relationship, but it's hard to read Lain deleting herself from existence for Alice's peace of mind, arranging things so that she can marry her high school crush, and spending eternity watching over her from the Wired in many other ways.

Frogthe normally cheerful Ninja Koyuki once wished to be an ordinary high schooler. Without her ninja skills, however, she was no longer able to see her friend Dororo. Still, Dororo was perfectly willing to let her live an ordinary life, even if it meant she'd never notice him again. A possible interpretation for the acceptance of three of the other four girls of Rin's decision to choose Asa Shigure. Tadase from Shugo Chara!

Paraietta in Simoun has been desperately in love with Neviril since childhoodbut stands aside in favour of Aaeru once she's sure Aaeru is worthy of Neviril. Lory discusses this in Skip Beat! He asks if Kyoko will be able to honestly let Ren be happy with another woman. Kyoko starts by saying she'll use her best acting skills to congratulate him, but can't even finish the sentence before breaking down in tears at the thought of Ren being with someone else, and realizing she can't pull off this trope.

Then it turns out the girl wanted Ryoutarou to give her cookies to his buddy Utsumi on her behalf. Midori in Tamako Love Story realizes Tamako's feelings for Mochizo weigh on her heavily and wants to help them in the end by putting her own feelings for Tamako aside.

A very strange example happens in the anime version of To Love-Ru. In the end however, she goes back alone, wanting Saruyama to be happy. When Lala finds out that Haruna also has a secret crush on Rito, she decides that Haruna and Rito need to be together so they will both be happy. Although that doesn't mean Lala has changed her plans for her and Rito to also be together. Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel in particular like to explore this trope on multiple occasions.

Touka and Tsukiyama argue over whether they should take action to help Haise Sasaki regain his memories.

alfred slote jake ending relationship

She wants him left alone, because she'd rather lose him forever than take away his chance for a happy life. Seidou Takizawa opts out of the Love Triangle with Amon and Akira, leaving immediately after he's managed to save them both. During battle, he even draws strength from imagining watching them gaze lovingly at each other. I'm bringing Amon home. Each of them are aware of the other's feelings for Ryuuji, and try to hook Ryuuji up with them despite their own feelings for him. Eventually, Minori tires of the situation, admits her feelings for Ryuuji, and demands that Taiga do the same.

When Taiga cries that she only wanted Minori to be happy, Minori responds that her happiness is not anyone else's responsibility, and that assuming responsibility for someone else's happiness over one's own is actually quite self-centered and arrogant. This ultimately leads to Ryuuji and Taiga getting together. Minori also pulls the romantic version with Ryuuji and pushes him to be with Taiga, as she knows that he loves her too. All Tatsuya in Touch wants is for he, Kazuya and Minami to be happy together, even if it means letting Kazuya have Minami.

Even after his tragic death, Kazuya still remains the elephant in the room, as Tatsuya continues to think himself unworthy of Minami and feel guilty about "taking" her from his brother. In the beginning of Kotoura-sanHiyori was jealous of Haruka that the latter won over Manabe despite being a New Transfer Student while she became a Hopeless Suitoreventually asking a few thugs to attack Manabe, causing him to be hospitalized.

Haruka then ran away out of guilt after reading Hiyori. After a week of an obviously unhappy Manabe, Hiyori planned on bringing Haruka back. During the "Bike Troopers" episode, Miyuki plays this up when it comes to her best friend Natsumi being welcomed into another cop group. She stopped him, insisting that his regular self was perfectly fine for her. In Yuraraboth Mei and Yako attempt to do this during the course of the story.

Neither of them handle it particularly well. Alluded to several times in Zetsuai Kouji feels guilty for not feeling this way about Izumi. But despite his frequent statements that he'd like nothing better than to lock Izumi away from the world and have him all to himself, his actual behaviour is closer to this than If I Can't Have You Hak has been in love with Yona for years, but never acted on his feelings because he knew she was in love with Su-won, his best friend and her cousin.

Su-won was equally important to him as well, and his wish was for Su-won and Yona to marry so the former could be king. Even after Su-won murders King Il, Yona's father, Hak cannot find it in himself to pursue Yona as he believes she still has feelings for Su-won. Pictured above, Kitty Pryde and Caliban, one of the Morlocks. In one early encounter with the X-Men when most of the team was taken prisoner, Caliban fell in love with her, and she promised to stay with him forever if she helped them escape.

He agreed, and they escaped, but she didn't keep her end of the bargain. Later, Callisto the former leader of the Morlocks before Storm wrested that title away from her in ritual combat the first time found out about the broken promise, and ordered Kitty kidnapped to make her own up to it.

Eventually, Kitty decided she was bound to do as she promised and agreed to marry him, but he realized by then that she didn't love him, telling her he wouldn't hold her to that.

They became close friends soon after. Zhantee is hopelessly in love with Leetah even though she already has a lifemate, Cutter. When Zhantee develops the power to generate a protective shield he uses it on a number of occasions to save Leetah from attacks.

The irony here is that the elves have open marriages and both Leetah and Cutter would have been happy to allow Zhantee into their relationship. Zhantee was just too shy to ask. Zhantee later dies in Cutter's arms during a human-elf conflict, and as he dies he shows Cutter a vision of the child that he and Leetah could have had. You want me to go away? I just want you to be happy. Even if you must be happy far away.

David Qin in Strangers in Paradise realizes that Katchoo loves Francine more than she could ever love him, and retreats to Japan. When Tambi tries to confront David concerning why he hasn't gotten Katchoo pregnant in order to produce a family heirhe proposes that Tambi could carry this heir, on the condition that she leave Katchoo alone with Francine.

Tambi then proceeds to fall in love with him herselfbut still wants him to be with Katchoo since that's who he loves. Sibling example in Supergirl series Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade when Lex Luthor tries to save his sister's life. Lex tries to reinforce her hatred, but the strain might destroy her mind, so he lets her go, although it means that she will hate him.

Jake by Alfred Slote

There's a Little Archie comic story in which Veronica finds out she's moving away. When Betty hears this news, she's at first ecstatic, believing she'll now have Archie all to herself. But after seeing how majorly depressed Archie is about Veronica moving, Betty convinces the oil dealer Mr. Lodge is selling his house to that there are ghosts inhabiting the mansion, causing him to call off the deal.

In a later issue, Amy, whose intense crush on Sonic is one of her major character traits, insists that Sally and Sonic be allowed to have a nice date without interference; when a confused bystander asks why, her response is this trope almost word for word. In The Legend of Zelda comic book adaptation, Zelda decides that to save her kingdom from future attacks by Ganon, she'll take the Triforce of Wisdom to a faraway place where he can't find it. She begs Link to help her, and while the thought of her leaving clearly devastates him, he agrees.

He has the chance to prevent her from going by lying and saying that the magic item she needs isn't in the hidden chamber, but he can't bring himself to do it.

Fortunately for him, while he's in the chamber collecting said MacGuffinZelda comes to the realization that she and the Triforce are safest wherever he is, and decides not to leave.

alfred slote jake ending relationship

He even gets a mini-glomp for his trouble. The comic gets some of this from both Kim and Knives, during the last book. How much Kim is still in love with him is up for debate, but her response to him is that he should seek out Ramona.

Knives less so than in the filmbut she's still realized whatever she felt for Scott, Scott isn't her true love. She states that she just wants Scott to be happy. After decades being depicted as Spider-Man's one true love, stories like One Moment in Time have her walking away from Peter so he can be with someone who is "stronger" and has actively been working to hook Peter up with girl-of-the-week Carlie Cooper. Needless to say, this sort of thing hasn't gone over well with the fanbase.

Later the emphasis of this shifted slightly; following Superior Spider-Man both MJ and Carlie reckon that being with Peter, much as they love him, isn't conducive to a stable life. And Peter, who just wants them to be happy, can't disagree.

Alfred Slote

In an earlier story called "I Remember Gwen", told in flashback and set shortly after the death of Captain Stacy, Gwen Stacy angrily broke up with Peter when he tried to defend Spider-Man, whom she falsely blamed for her father's death.

When Gwen announced their break-up, MJ initially thought this would leave the field clear to hook up with Peter. When she realized how Gwen's heart was breaking, MJ instead advised Gwen to give Peter a second chance, saying he only spoke up for Spider-Man because he didn't want Gwen to spend the rest of her life being bitter.

MJ was as happy as anyone when both her beloveds the man she loved and her best friend reconciled. Catman, fresh from a Trauma Conga Line that made him relive his accidental murder of his mother and not so accidental murder of his father and made him realize that he would be an even worse father, enacted a complicated gambit to make Huntress hate him so that she would be free of any lingering doubts and "what ifs" about their Foe Yay.

Lemont's aiming for this in regards to Susan in Candorville. Of course, he's completely unaware that Susan's attempting an Operation: When he and his family arrive the kids dash about exploring the farm checking everything. First the house and everything in it from fireplace to treadle sewing machine, then the porch, yard and outbuildings.

The family's exuberance at being together is what comes through in this book as well as a picture of an African-American family's farm sixty years or so ago. Amazon Jason loves baseball, although his playing skills are less than outstanding.

Cut from his Little League team, he is crushed and unburdens himself on the school janitor, Mack Henry. It turns out that Mr. Henry knows a lot about baseball, especially about the Negro League which Jason knows nothing about. Jason's collection of baseball cards gives no indication of such a league.

Grades 3 - 8 Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson. Illustrated by Hudson Talbott. Amazon Soonie's great-grandmother was a slave, sold away from her parents when she was just seven years old with nothing but a scrap of muslin from her mother. On her new plantation, Soonie's great-grandmother listened to the tales of freedom whispered to her in the night by Big Mama who also taught her how to sew maps in quilts of the way to freedom. Based on the author's own family history, this beautiful picture book is illustrated with mixed media.

Grades 4 - 7 We Are the Ship: Amazon This is Kadir Nelson's first time both writing and illustrating a book. He previously won a Caldecott Honor for illustrating Moses: Here his beautiful paintings bring an unexpected richness to baseball. There is a forward by Hank Aaron and text full of the history of baseball from the 's through and the effect that segregation and racism had on the game and the African American players who excelled at it.

Amazon It's in Oakland, California and eleven year old Delphine and her two younger sisters are spending a month with their mother who deserted them years ago. It's the height of the Black Power movement and the girls spend their days at the Black Panther's People's Center while their unstable mother writes poetry.

This Newbery Honor Book is a fascinating look into the time period as well as an engrossing tale of one girl's struggle to understand her mother and to find her own authentic way of relating to her. Grades 6 - 12 Miles to Go for Freedom: