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When I heard Ski-U-Mah had a boat, a paddle, water and a star, I was sold! One of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but one of the toughest people on the football field. His Mom dyed her hair maroon, that's how dedicated he is. He is an incredible decisive decision maker, he's a gym rat, a leader. Midwest Gymnastics is proud to co-host the second annual Ski-U-Mah Invitational, a men's gymnastics invitational, partnering up with the University of. Products To be fully ready for every training, you'll need some accessories! Check out our selection of straps, floss bands, gym gloves and more!.

We rented a minivan and drove out to his rural Madison warehouse location in below zero weather to pick them up. We actually had to clear out some of the helmets and waded through the boxes trying to find the best examples.

Tom is a great guy and was very accomodating. Lots of uniform sites exist. Why is yours different? There are maybe a few dozen college football dedicated uniform sites out there that I know of.

I think what sets us apart is the size of our collection, the historical depth as it goes back to the s, and we have a uniform history section. Are there other blogs dedicated to Gopher football uniforms? Lets talk about your collection — I notice you have links to and photos of jerseyshelmetsand rings and awards.

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How did you acquire all these? Matt and I started collecting when we were 15 years old. Matt also gave one to me that same Christmas. To be able to wear something that the players actually wore on the field just blew our minds. That pretty much had us hooked. What about the helmets? A few years later they offered game used helmets, something we never thought we ever be able to get. We also buy from all the major auction houses. We stared collecting pro jerseys of former Gophers in the past few years.


Infusion pump — Henry Buchwald invented world's first infusion port, peritoneovenous shunts, and specialty vascular catheters. He also invented the first implantable infusion pump, a precursor to implantable infusion pumps in use throughout the world today. Supercomputer — Seymour Cray designed a series of computers that were the fastest in the world for decades, and founded Cray Research which built many of these machines. Taconite — Edward Wilson Davis developed an engineering process to economically extract iron ore from hard taconite rocks, making taconite valuable as iron ore for the iron and steel industries.

Cosmic ray — Phyllis S. Freier discovered the presence of heavy nuclei in cosmic rays, proving the similarity between our solar system and the rest of the galaxy. Bone marrow transplant — Robert A. Good performed the first successful human bone marrow transplant between persons who were not identical twins and is regarded as a founder of modern immunology.

Disk drive — Reynold B. Johnson invents method and machinery to score tests electronically. K-rations — Ancel Keys patented inhas become a widely prescribed drug for preventing heart disease and life-threatening arrhythmias.

Synthetic rubber — Izaak Kolthoff developed the "cold process" for producing synthetic rubber, which he undertook under the U.

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Cyclotron — Ernest Lawrence won the Nobel Prize for Physics for inventing and developing the cyclotron. Drosophila melanogaster — Edward Lewis discovered the Drosophila Bithorax complex of homeotic genes. Cardiac surgery — C. Walton Lillehei pioneered open-heart surgery, as well as numerous techniques, equipment and prostheses for cardiothoracic surgery. POPmail — Mark P. McCahill led the development of the Gopher protocol, the effective predecessor of the World Wide Web, was involved in creating and codifying the standard for Uniform Resource Locators URLs and led the development of POPmail, one of the first e-mail clients which had a foundational influence on later e-mail clients and the popularization of graphical user interfaces in Internet technologies more broadly.

Zatocoding — Calvin Mooers developed a mechanical system using superimposed codes of descriptors for information retrieval called Zatocoding. Atomic bomb — Edward P.

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Ney discovered cosmic ray heavy nuclei and solar proton events. After early work involving separating isotopes from uranium, he worked on the Manhattan Project which created the first atomic bomb. Atomic bomb — Alfred O. Nier devised a method to isolate uranium isotope, a critical discovery in the atomic age.

Nier worked with Kellex Corporation in New York City on the design and development of efficient and effective mass spectrographs for use in the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb in World War II. He was an all star team. This one was a slug fest until the end, looks easy on the screen. He high jumps 6'5". All state 1st team, he's special, that's all I have to say.

He went to 2 camps, he didn't get invited to any other camp, I don't know how he got out of that state. From what I've seen and heard…this kid is a very very special young man.

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He couldn't wait to play in the Big He's going to be living a dream. He committed to Northern Iowa…I don't know how they got out of there. He's one of those "buy low" things. We need D tackles.

You're not going to see me recruiting 20 JUCOs in one class, if you have 1 in the program, you need someone with experience. I am a high school recruiter and develop them from the ground up, from the moment they come, to the moment they leave, and 40 years after. We had to hit needs. We got 3 D-Backs and I don't think we missed on any of them. There's 4 that play. We had to recruit a lot of defensive backs.

There's issues we have to fix.

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I'm not saying it's going to be fixed this year. You're only allowed to take 25 players a year. Won the Texas State championship.

He was the 7 safety in the state of Texas. Explosive play maker, Mighty Mouse with buttery hips. His nickname is Candy Handy - we've got a campaign ready to hand out candy when he makes hits. Blessed to have him in our culture. How did you pull the 1 safety out of Alabama? Showed him what the depth chart looked like. Talk about pure leadership already, I thought the staff before me did a tremendous job.

I love our linebackers! He's a "how-fer" he brings culture to the U of MN. We're not changing all these things, we're connecting people. One of my favorite players - Grant Ryerse - 4 year starter at kicker and punter. He's an elite smart kicker.