How to play a player in relationship

Is He a Player? How to Tell If He Is Playing You or If He Is Really Into You

how to play a player in relationship

Life's too short to be dating players. If you're serious about meeting someone special, look out for these red flags so that you end up with a catch and not a. Why did you get played by a guy who cheats and lies? And sex is great, but a real relationship needs more than just physical time together. “His disregard for rule playing expands further than calling you more than is standard at the beginning of a relationship – be prepared for things.

The 'Comparison' Game This is perhaps the worst game ever, because it will hurt your self-esteem. If your boyfriend is comparing you with any other girl, it will affect you terribly. It will only add insult to injury, if that girl is someone close to you, like your best friend or sister. He will tell you to go to the gym just like her, become smart like she is, how attractive she is, etc.

Signs of a Player in a Relationship

He is probably well aware that this will cause feelings of jealousy and anger in you. Even then, he will continue to compare your looks, figure, fitness, style, etc. By making you question everything about your appearance and existence, he tries to bring your self-esteem down.

First of all, don't see his criticism in negative light. Maybe he really does want you to improve. However, tell him that you will accept constructive criticism, but you cannot stand comparison, as you take immense pride in your individuality.

However, if he is being unreasonable, tell him that you cannot change any further. Try not to say anything negative to him in a fit of anger, as he may use it against you in a future argument. The 'No Compliment' Game You went to a salon and got all decked up specially for him, since you wanted to look beautiful for him. The whole evening passed by, and he didn't even pay you a single compliment.

You are waiting to hear simple words of praise from him. He talks about everything else under the sun, but fails to notice your stunning looks. Your anger is reaching its boiling point, as you wait for him to give you a small compliment. You even indulge in some compliment-fishing by stroking your hair or batting your eyelashes, but to no avail.

He drops you back at your place, and leaves without saying a single word about how stunning you looked that evening. He is purposely not paying a compliment, even though he knows that it is all that you want to hear from him. Try not to overreact, because he may have done this to test your patience. If you throw a tantrum, it will convince him that you are a difficult person to get along with.

The next time you meet him, ask him if he noticed you the other day. However, don't say it angrily, rather, put it across subtly.

The 'Ignorance' Game You wait for his call or message, but it is as if he has vanished into thin air. You see that he is active on Facebook, but still not replying to your messages. You try to call him, but he doesn't answer your calls.

You keep on wondering if you did something wrong to hurt him on the last date. These thoughts start disturbing you, and you desperately look for answers.

how to play a player in relationship

You imagine that he has found someone else, or he does not think you are attractive enough. You are deeply hurt by his behavior, and so you send him one last nasty text, telling him why he doesn't deserve you anyway. This seals the deal of your breakup. He knows very well that you will get a panic attack when something like this happens. Still, he wants to wait and watch the fun.

how to play a player in relationship

While he may be genuinely busy, overreacting to this situation can seriously backfire on your relationship. Patience is the key to surviving this mind game. Do not be in a haste to jump to conclusions or accuse him of anything. Get all the facts right before taking any decision. The 'I Need Space' Game 'I need space', is perhaps words that are dreaded by all girlfriends, because they are well aware what it leads to. Boyfriends use this phrase when they feel claustrophobic in their relationship, or need a change.

However, women become restless and anxious, as they know that it would, in most cases, lead to a breakup.

How to Outplay the Player

So, they start wondering what went wrong, or what was it that would have changed the scenario. Guys know very well that when they use this phrase, you will feel the need to be with them even more.

how to play a player in relationship

Try to give him the space he needs. This will also tell him that you can survive easily without this relationship.

Even after giving him space for a considerable number of days, if he doesn't turn up, confront him about your relationship status. This conversation can be a maker or breaker, so watch your words carefully. The 'My Friends Don't Like You' Game I guess most girls must have had such boyfriends at some point in time, who claimed that their friends didn't approve of their relationship.

Many guys try to create a rift between their friends and girlfriends, by telling both the parties stories about possessiveness of the other person. This creates resentment and anger between both, their girlfriends and friends. They start hating each other, and the boyfriend only keeps adding fuel to the fire.

He will love to sit back and watch the fun of the tug-of-war over him, between his girlfriend and friends. Don't give him a chance to manipulate you in this fashion.

Signs of a Player in a Relationship | Dating Tips

Right from the beginning, have cordial relations with his friends. Make them your friends. In fact, you should be so friendly, that if a dispute occurs between your beau and yourself, they will take your side. Even if there are misunderstandings between you and his friends, you can take the initiative to bury the hatchet.

Dating Mind Games - How to Win Every Time - Relationship Mind Games

The 'Lying' Game So, you meet this wonderful person on Facebook, and you chatted with him day and night. Both of you start feeling that you have met your soulmates.

how to play a player in relationship

He tells you that he is into finance. You decide to meet up, and the date goes very well. You both get involved in a strong relationship. So the key to know how to outplay the player is to get him close enough to you, make him used to seeing you regularly and of course be dependent on you.

Fascinate Him Players are usually smart, as making tons of girls fall for them is a job that requires brains. Having said that, it also means he'll be looking for a one of a kind girl who has the brains, great personality and good looks. Outplay the player in a flirty way and go for a sexy red dress nothing too revealing though to leave him wondering and then talk about something really sophisticated.

A unique sense of style and looking flawlessly gorgeous will go a long way? There you have it, that's what we call the perfect mix to outplay a real player. Emotions Matter After sweeping him off of his feet, it's time to get a little personal. How about trying to outplay the player and connect with him emotionally?

Let him talk more about himself, and give him enough space and trust to give you some personal details about himself. This is one smart trick on how to outplay a real player. His Friends If you get a chance to meet his friends or he asks you to join an outing where they'll be there, make sure you leave a good impression on them.

Did we mention players enjoy the attention very much? If he asked you out to meet his friends, chances are he already likes you, so why not try to make him a tiny bit jealous? Here's what you need to do, during that outing, be extra friendly or talkative with one of his friends.

If he keeps on looking then you're on the right path! I'm Not Available Now Wondering how to outplay the player in a sneaky way? Don't always agree to going out whenever he asks you.

You can simply reject at times and spend it instead with your girlfriends. Later on mention how fun it was to see them!

No to Jealousy We know most women can't control they're being jealous, especially when it comes to a guy you're into.