Relationship fights how to deal

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relationship fights how to deal

24 Tips for Fighting Without Without Destroying Your Relationship but it's counterproductive and it emotionally overwhelms us to deal with. Arguments and fights happen in all relationships. . When you argue in person, you're forced to deal with the conflict and not just walk away. Fight Fairly and Keep the Peace in Your Relationship. 7 dispute diffusers Neil responds like most guys in marriage fights. He hides in "the.

This caused me to think about relationship conflict in general, what causes it, and how to deal with it. Each person comes into a relationship with certain expectations. These are based on past experiences, childhood, or how you think things should be.

The problem is that no two people think the same, no matter how much you have in common.

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A lot of couples see conflict as a time to bail—either because they were already looking for a way out or because they freak out and feel threatened.

When our ego feels threatened, it activates our flight or fight response.

relationship fights how to deal

Sometimes it may be hard to get resolution on a conflict, making matters worse. Instead of seeing conflict as a threat to a relationship, what if we reframed this and saw conflict as an opportunity and a sign of growth in a relationship? This requires understanding that conflict will inevitably occur in a close relationship. The only way of getting around it is to not share your opinion at all, which is not healthy. So what if we focused on sharing our opinions in a way that is productive?

Relationship Fights

Remember not to sweat the small stuff. Realize that not every disagreement needs to be an argument. If you find yourself in the midst of a conflict, try to remember that the other person is coming into the situation with a totally different background and set of experiences than yourself. But stopping to take a few deep breaths, and deciding to take a break and revisit the discussion when tensions are not as high, can sometimes be the best way to deal with the immediate situation.

This is not to say you should have low expectations but it is to say that you should keep in mind you may have different expectations.

8 Practical Tips to Stop Fighting With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Remember you both desire harmony. Most likely, you both want to get back on track and have a peaceful relationship.

relationship fights how to deal

Also remember the feeling of connectedness that you want to feel. Focus on the behavior of the person and not their personal characteristics.

What does all that mean?

relationship fights how to deal

Something we already know: That sex or lack thereof can cause a lot of drama — and for good reason! Have an honest talk where each of you expresses, in non-blaming words, why sex matters and what you get from it. Maybe your partner feels unattractive.


Sit down together, each of you with your own pen and paper, and rank all of the work you do in a day with a number, as well as the work around the house that needs to get done. This list will include everything from your day job to carpooling to cleaning up dishes.

10 Ways Overcome Conflicts in Relationships and Grow Together

If a chore is fun for you, maybe you give it a 1. If something else is miserable, rank it a If not, do some shifting around until you both think your workload is fair.

Say it out loud. Bill Cloke, a couples therapist and author of the book Happy Together, explains that men and women often need to hear totally different things to feel valued.

Men, in general, need to hear that the work they do is appreciated, and that the sacrifices they make are recognized.