Flirt lessons in love book

Kuroneko Book Club: [Review] Lessons in Love (Flirt #1) - A. Destiny & Catherine Hapka

flirt lessons in love book

Title of Book: Lessons in Love (Flirt #1) Author: A. Destiny & Catherine Hapka Publisher: Simon Pulse. There might not be an exact science to. First crush, first love, first kiss - in this addition to the sweet and clean Flirt series, Lauren gets a lesson in love when she takes her new puppy to training classes. Book Description Simon Pulse, Paperback. Condition: Brand New. pages. xx inches. In Stock. Seller Inventory # zk

Ba announced it two weeks earlier. She widened her puppy-dog brown eyes and stared at me soulfully. That generally worked on guys, especially paired with her exotic good looks. Susannah was nineteen, four years older than me, and a sophomore at the university.

How to Read Flirting Signals

When I reached the counter, Susannah was staring at the cash register with a peevish expression on her round, pretty face.

My family was nothing if not consistent. I kicked the door shut, then grabbed one of the tubs my uncle was juggling and set it on the stainless-steel counter along the wall. I think she put the office supplies in there this time. Everyone in the family knew Mom loved to reorganize.

The problem was, she usually moved everything around and then forgot to tell anyone else where she put it all. When I passed through the kitchen again, Dad was stowing the last of the tubs under the counter, and Uncle Rick was on the phone. Will that be delivery or pickup?

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The Spring Thing was an annual event at the university—three days of fun, special events, and goofiness to celebrate spring before the crunch of finals set in. Gonna be a busy weekend. The more orders we get, the more money we make. Susannah was on a stool behind the deli case, hunched over a thick textbook.

The page it was open to had tons of tiny text and no pictures at all. A man I vaguely recognized as one of the English professors at the university came in.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Celebrate with the Flirt series!

Susannah watched as the professor paused to scan the specials board. And the evening crowd will start trickling in pretty soon. She grabbed my arm and dragged me down onto the seat beside her. Her textbook was covered in Post-it notes, and other random bits of paper were scattered everywhere.

Sadly, this too was normal. It was an accelerated class, and he expected his students to be serious about learning. It made me feel like I was already in college learning real stuff instead of marking time in high school. I glanced over automatically.

Lessons in Love by A. Destiny

There was only one high school in our town, and it was small enough for everyone to know everyone else, by face if not necessarily by name. Simone spotted the new arrival too.

He was in line behind the professor, checking out the stuff in the bakery display case while he waited. Dark brown hair that curled at the temples and the back of his neck. A nose that was a little long and slopey in a way that made his whole face more interesting. And this guy looks like just the type to tempt you—you know, tall, dark, and handsome. I recovered with a less-than-graceful lurch and a grab at the nearest table.

Flirt: Lessons in Love by Catherine Hapka and A. Destiny (2014, Hardcover)

Tossing a look toward the counter, I was relieved to see that the guy had his back to me. With my free hand, I quickly smoothed down my hair as best I could. How much had Dad messed it up just now? And more to the point, what difference did it make?

flirt lessons in love book

As soon as Mr. That was life, and I was used to it. Kind of liked it, actually—it saved me from a lot of embarrassment and stress. Because while I had no trouble chatting with other girls or adults, I was notoriously tongue-tied around guys my own age. I just never seemed to know what to say when faced with that Y chromosome. I was pretty sure it was some kind of syndrome. Maybe I could do a study on it after med school. Simone, however, was not similarly afflicted.

Are you new in town? Except for the university. Luckily, Simone came to the rescue. Her family has run it for like the past million years. He was a lot less ready for prime time than he thought he was. His parents had more money than they knew what to do with, and they drove top-of-the-line sports cars themselves. So imagine his surprise when the big day arrived and they presented him with a sturdy, practical Volvo station wagon older than he was. As Robert pulled said Volvo land boat into the parking lot, Muckle was wiggling in my arms like only a three-and-a-half-month-old Shetland sheepdog puppy can wiggle.

Or so I assumed.

flirt lessons in love book

My favorite CD was playing—the latest by the amazing Scottish band Skerrabra. Hearing his incredible voice even made Robert look happier. His crush on Corc was only slightly less epic than mine.

He pulled to the curb in front of the local PetzBiz superstore, leaving the Volvo idling loudly. Did I mention that Robert has an interesting sense of style? You know how it is.

Just not quite the opposite of shy either. Being with Robert usually helped, though. I clipped on his new leather leash and opened the door, bracing myself as he went flying out with his usual heedless enthusiasm. For a ten-pound puppy, he could exert a lot of force. But he was humming along with Corc, not even looking at me.

There was nothing Robert loved more than a dramatic scene—it would probably work. Then again, I could get back in the car and tell him to forget it. Suggest we go shopping or something instead, maybe hit the thrift shops in search of new looks for the Disguise Game.

More on that later. There was too much at stake. Besides, I could do this. Even without Robert by my side, I could do it. I am Lauren, hear me roar. As the Volvo pulled away in a cloud of noxious exhaust, I squinted up at PetzBiz, which did its best to live up to its status as a big box store by being the biggest, boxiest store in the strip mall.

Muckle zipped around me, trying to smell everything at once, then suddenly leaped into the air and started barking like a maniac. And possibly human eardrums as well. He looked like some kind of terrier crossed with who-knew-what, with cute floppy ears, gangly legs that looked too long for his stout body, and an alert, foxy face.

On the other end of the leash, letting himself be dragged by the dog, was a guy around my age.

flirt lessons in love book

I tended to go for artsy, exotic guys—long hair, cool accents, brooding expressions. Well, at least in theory. He was more like an all-American jock, with broad shoulders, smooth dark skin without a zit to be seen, and a nice smile. He was even dressed in the typical jock uniform: Or more specifically, up to Muckle. He really was awfully cute.