Lion human relationship management

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lion human relationship management

The report depicts a major human resource management issue that affects the backbone of the organization namely as Lion (HRM online ). The report will . Can lions and humans ever truly be pals? . But there are always risks to relationships with animals so strong and equipped with such sharp. Both executives will play key roles on Red Lion's leadership team, (SPHR) from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The Antwho had been once so productive and relaxed, hated this new plethora of paperwork and meetings which used up most of her time. The lion came to the conclusion that it was high time to nominate a person in charge of the department where the ant worked.

The position was given to the Cicada whose first decision was to buy a carpet and an ergonomic chair for his office. The new person in charge, the cicada, also needed a computer and a personal assistant, whom he had brought from his previous department to help him prepare a work and budget control strategic optimization plan.

The department where the ant works is now a sad place, where nobody laughs anymore and everybody has become upset. It was at that time the cicada convinced the boss, the Lion, to start a climatic study of the office environment. Indeed, as we all know, the amount of reporting and administrative tasks required by an organization is inversely proportional to the effectiveness of the organization in question. The more reporting you have in an organization, the more tempting it is to conclude that performance is low.

Results speak for themselves whereas failure always seems to have to justify itself!

lion human relationship management

However, in the above fable, one has to question the motivation of the Lion. All the measures the Lion takes seek to control rather than encourage and reward the ant. The Lion seems indeed to think his role as a Lion is to control and monitor the activity of the ant rather than freeing him up to be more effective. And so the ant becomes trapped in a vicious circle of more controls, more reports, more reports less productivity, less productivity more checks, more checks more reports, more reports less productivity and so on.

Rather than consulting him and asking him what needs to be done to improve productivity, the lion deems it necessary to impose on him all sorts of checks and controls. Is it any surprise the ant may become frustrated? As the lion is confused as to his role, is it any surprise he fails to understand why the ant is frustrated and that he concludes in error that it is because the ant is disengaged and negative?

Indeed, this is an example of the Pygmalion effect in reverse. Lessons for managers So there is a lesson for managers here. Good managers either add more ants they understand the profile and recruit similar complimentary profiles or they work with the ant to build an action plan to optimize performance.

lion human relationship management

In other words, they empower their people to act and then get out of the way and let them perform but check regularly to ensure they keep on track. This is another major issue. Recruitment and selection The selection panel should be enough experienced so that proper selection can be made. They must also concentrate on the strategic development instead of pushback from the leaders Barrick et al.

Clear vision of the HR management team, also enhances the sustainability power. Pay structure and benefit The payment structure of the employees always motivates them to do their work with cent percent dedication but if the benefit level is found to be commercially weak to the employees then, it will affect the current position of the organization Meijerink, Bondarouk and Lepak From the analysis of the HRM practices it is defined that among these issues the most effective issue is training and development of the employee Palagolla and Wickramasinghe After recruitment and selection of every employee, the organization should organize a proper training and development program so that they could adopt the policies perfectly.

Six major problems involved with training and development are as follows: Implementation of training and development program for the employees must be conducted in a proper manner so that, whatever the company is investing for them not went in vain rather the investment bring fruitful result to the organization Barrick et al.

Thus, failure in proper identification of the needs of the employees creates organizational issues. Every organization should setup a list of objectives and before implementation of the aim they must maintain it. Nevertheless, in case of Lion, setup of the objectives is improper and that is main reason that interrupts the HR management objective during the execution time.

In order to accomplish the objectives of the HRM management of Lion, time is another vital factor that must be considered Alfes et al. Management policy should frame up with proper time management system but Lion food Beverage Company does not consider it.

Human–lion conflict

The senior HRM team of Lion is consists of about employees and the work is divided accordingly Barrick et al. If the responsibility of every individual increases at a large rate then, it would be difficult for the top level managerial team to monitor it all over.

After considering the HRM practices, the Hertzberg motivation theory implies that, there are six factors that help to improve the employee empowerment.

lion human relationship management

Once employee gets recognition then, the responsibility will enhance accordingly Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch However, in Lion, responsibility increment leads to HRM issue.

HRM tools in Lion Source: Based on certain survey results it has been determined that, HRM workshop can improve the overall structure of the company. From the statistical matrices, future challenges can identify the section where the improvement is strictly needed by Lion.

If the issues get resolved then, these will lead to sufficient flexibility. Improvement is required as it will lead to overcome future challenges that are going to be faced by Lion. These factors are as followed: If the HRM team of Lion is improved then it will be able to provide motivation to the employees of the company.

Motivation among the employees will lead to job satisfaction. It is referred to as a multifaceted and complex phenomenon Franz The dynamics of people along with an appropriate working environment can be provided to the employees with the help of organizational motivation.

Development is required to improve the change management system of Lion. For statistical production and services, successful modernization is needed to be implemented.

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Sometimes it happens that bringing changes in the attitudes of the staffs are not possible then, environmental changes will help to manage the employees Meijerink, Bondarouk and Lepak From focus and leadership efficiency it can be said that, the scope of development is wide in organizational contribution. Apart from time and focus, management commitment also plays motivating role play within Lion.

Whatever knowledge the employees obtained from their experiences can be increased with developed knowledge management system Alfes et al. The employees got recruited and selected as they are appropriate for their job role but still, with further enhancement they can improve their knowledge level. Working environment and mobility: The physical and social environment of workplace is another crucial sector that needed to be developed.

Technical improvements including flexible working ambiances enhance the business strategy of Lion. On the other hand, mobility of the employees always brings huge benefit to the organization Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch It is a major motivational factor that provides the employees various opportunities and enables them to be more flexible in the working environment.

Additionally, it can reduce the enhanced work load and cultural oppositions. Training and skills development: Training and development of the HR employees are needed to enhance their skills as it comprises a broad range of activities Thite, Wilkinson and Shah Training can either be formal or it may be informal.

Electronic learning helps to gain training on a regular basis in a systematic way. The development planning is also referred to as competence management. Development in management program of human resource is another important factor that comes under consideration during the implementation.

The main focus of the HR management team should be focused on attracting and retaining people. The management team should develop their policies in such a way that all the employees feel engaged to the Lion HRM Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch Apart from this, digital innovation is needed to be implemented to attract more number of employees with their attractive business panning.

Comparative discussion of HRM practices in Lion and other organizations Comparative consequences of different empirical study has been defined that, with increased globalization in international and domestic level, destruct the traditional HRM of Lion Franz As dynamic changes are occurring in every organization and all of them are improving their performance level thus, Lion should also improve their cultural ambiance on the basis of conceptual studies.