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meet the browns episodes cast la

Episode Guide. episodes Meet the Browns () Tamela J. Mann in Meet the Browns () Lamman Rucker and Denise . Series cast summary. Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns is an American sitcom created and produced by David Mann is the only cast member who appears in every episode. who moves his family into a tough neighborhood in L.A. where not everyone appreciates. A: The show I am on is called Tyler Perry's “Meet The Browns.” It is a new sitcom on Wednesday nights on TBS, and I am a regular cast member.

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Danny is an industrious, sensitive, and straight-laced young man who could be considered a "mama's boy", since he's very protective of his mother. He begins work at the internet design firm Beagal and Steve after some persuasion from his best friends, Sam and Drew.

He is happy about the idea of his mom getting remarried because of the person. He knows about Drew's crush on him, but he doesn't feel the same.

He takes care of and watches over her cousin Troy for her while she goes out of town. Danny and Troy fall in love and later get married in Vegas in the season 3 finale. Jonathan Chase as Sam Parker, a self-proclaimed "wild man", Sam is Danny's immature, irresponsible, and selfish best friend, coworker and roommate who sleeps with practically any girl he finds hot, and parties almost every night however, this is put to a stop in episode He is very attracted to Marianna however, the feelings are not mutual.

In season 5, Sam falls for Drew and proposes to her in the series finale "True Feelings". She lived with Marianna in her freshman year at college and has hated her since, because she was the "coat rack" at all the parties.

She is also the cousin of Troy, who is Danny's wife. He kissed Linda many times while she was already in a relationship. After Linda's last boyfriend hurt her, she went to see Phillip and they have sex. She dumps him the next day.

Later, Linda becomes pregnant with his child. In the season 3 finale, he asks Linda to marry him. He was a recurring character in season 2, but became a part of main cast in season 3. During season 3B, he asked Linda to move in with him.

In Season 4, they got married while in the hospital. Leigh-Ann Rose as Troy season 4—5, main; 3, recurringDrew's cousin, who Danny quickly falls hard for towards the end of the third season. In the season 3 finale, Troy marries Danny in Vegas with Hattie witnessing the whole thing. Season 4 chronicles Troy's struggles to build a relationship with her new mother-in-law, Linda, as well as her marital struggles with Danny; and his friend Sam, and her cousin Drew.

Both appeared in the stageplay and film adaptation of Meet the Browns but they've never graced the series. However, LB was mentioned once in the backdoor pilot episode which aired as an episode of House of Payne. In NovemberTBS suddenly announced that the series finale would be airing since it was canceled. The final two episodes aired on November 18,concluding the series with episodes in total.

meet the browns episodes cast la

Cast and characters Main characters The show revolves around the misadventures of the multi-generational Brown family. They live in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. All main cast members are credited only for the episodes in which they appear.

David Mann as Leroy S. The show's main protagonistMr.

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Brown is a church deacon who's very proud about being saved. He has one brother, Larry "L.

meet the browns episodes cast la

He was married years ago, but his wife died; in the original Tyler Perry plays, they had a daughter, but the character was never mentioned in the films and only shown in the play "Madea's Family Reunion". Brown isn't overbright mentally, that is; the word more aptly describes his outrageous dress sense and he has the wiseguy role, making fun of characters like Edna and Reggie; but he is a nice, caring, giving man.

He works part-time as a hospital janitor and also as a school enforcement officer he once beat up a teacher he thought had done something wrong. He is somewhat good at karate, busting out his "Kangaroo" move.

His catchphrases include "Stop being nasty! In one episode Brown begins to deal with his diabetes. Although he has used many variations to what the middle initial "S" is in his name, in one episode it is revealed his middle name is Sakagawea pronounced sah-kuh-jeh-wee-uh. However, this is not in the same continuity as the series. Cora Simmons is Brown's daughter with Madea. She is a teacher and a praying woman who is very active in her church, but when angered, she shows aspects of her mother, Madea.

A childless widow, she later becomes engaged to Reggie Brooks, the football coach at her school who lives with his mother, Thelma In the play and movie, Cora had 2 adult daughters. Her age is never flat-out revealed in the series; she comes closest to blurting it out in "Meet the Big Wedding" "Mr. Brown, I am" [covers mouth] "years old! In the TV series' continuity, Cora has known for many years that Mr.

Brown is her father, and he often references raising and being there for her; in the Madea's Big Happy Family movie, Madea claims that Mr. It was also discovered that Cora may not be Brown's daughter after appearing on Mauryin the episode "Meet the Baby Daddy", a man claimed to be Cora's father but it was revealed that Mr.

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Brown was Cora's father after all. Will is Brown's nephew, a doctor who loves his uncle so much that he provides free medical services to the retirement-home residents. He and his wife Sasha have become adoptive parents to Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz.

Will never met his father; Vera, his alcoholic mother, met his father while she was drunk. Sasha, Will's wife, is a nurse who decides to work for Brown helping to look after the retirement-home residents. Sasha and Will start their family by adopting Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz.

In one episode Sasha becomes pregnant, then miscarries. She is also very good at giving advice.

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Tony Vaughn as Colonel Cleophus Jackson: The Colonel is a former military man who still lives as if he's in the military.

His motto is "Shoot now, ask questions later. His wife died several years ago and he's estranged from their only child, daughter Karen. He takes up with Edna Barnes; in Season 3 they moved out of Brown Meadows to a house down the street.

He finally weds Edna in Season 5. Most of her close friends and relatives have passed. She's extremely in touch with her sexuality—she can relate everything to sex—and acts like "late 60s" is the new A running gag involves Brown comparing Edna to various animals.

meet the browns episodes cast la

She finally weds the Colonel in Season 5. In the series pilot she had a crush on Brown, telling him to come in his bed with her plus showing him her full body naked. Brianna is a foster child who comes from a broken home and an unsafe foster environment. At age 16, she knows the foster care system too well.

She's very bright, but has anger problems that stem from her tragic childhood.

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The only relationship she nurtures is with her brother Joaquin; she feels like they are alone in the world. At the end of Season 1, Brianne Gould left the series for undisclosed reasons and Logan Browning took over the role from the beginning of Season 2. Gunnar Washington as Joaquin Ortiz: Joaquin is Brianna's year-old brother. As the siblings are veterans of the foster care system, Joaquin in particular is very anxious to find a good home and feel settled.

He and Brianna have their moments of discord, but mainly they look after each other. Overall, he just wants to be loved.

Vaughn as Renee LaToya Smith: A nurse at the hospital where Will, Sasha, Brown, and Derek work.

meet the browns episodes cast la

She also appears as a close best friend and confidentae to Sasha, despite the two constantly butting heads at work. She considers herself as part ghetto. Renee was a recurring character in Season 3 who became a regular in Season 4.

She claims to have four kids. Recurring characters Robert Ri'chard as Derek Porter: A Dominican frat student who lives next door to Brown Meadows and often helps out there, in between masterminding or participating in Brown's antics.

meet the browns episodes cast la

He made his debut in Season 3 and has been a recurring character throughout the series' run. Jenifer Lewis as Vera Brown: Brown's younger sister and Will's mother. Vera means well but she is a loud, controlling alcoholic who spoils Will and subtly despises Sasha.