Bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

Seth MacFarlane, Asra Nomani, Fran Lebowitz and Republican It would be hard for Bill Maher to top last week's incendiary top-of-the-show interview and ordinary Americans, like me, still struggling to make ends meet. Bill Maher interviews Asra Nomani, activist and author of "Standing .. I disagree, My wife is a feminist, I've met many of Muslim Feminists, but. On last night's Real Time, Bill Maher interviewed Muslim feminist Asra Nomani ( author of Standing Alone). Topic of conversation? Why liberals.

It would help curb the fear and hatred of Muslims.

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

I agree, except I think it would help more to cover people who are strict in their following who are equally peaceful and agreeable. There are many to choose from. A Cup Of Tea said: Too me it's all moral relativism. Agree, and the us, is rarely a case of USA vs It is almost always a Maher supporters vs everyone. And that is absolutely one huge problem in any discussion of society.

The truth is not everyone wants the US or Euro Society.

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

In some cases, but not all She seems to agree too much with Maher on things and learned Muslim wouldn't such as her comments on Shariah being a terrible thing, or the inheritance laws Which I agree takes a while to understand why they are the way they are.

To say she is a fraud is to say she is intentionally misleading people.

Asra Nomani's appearance on Real Time was breathtakingly bad : samharris

To which I have no evidence to accuse her of such. I know we will disagree on this, but there is a such a thing as too much freedom. Allowing alcohol consumption and encouraging its use in such setting of mixed company leads to many immoral actions, both intentional and unintentional.

Malzberg - Asra Q. Nomani discusses supporting Trump as a Muslim-American woman

Now if you are using the term Moderate to refer to peaceful which our non-english language has seemed to morph into then they are still there as well, but the news has no interest in things that don't happen.

Just because it's funny, "The beaches and tourists are still there wil" Devils' Advocate said: Army officer, breaking away from Islamic marriage traditions that she says control women through love. Her close friendship with journalist Daniel Pearl remains an understandably vivid flashpoint of her life. InNomani was traveling with the foreign correspondent in Pakistan when al-Qaida militants abducted and later beheaded him in a grisly crime — one that, with the emergence of ISIS more than a decade later, is all the more palpable.

But like her Somali counterpart, she buffers her criticism by serving up a dish of Western cosmopolitanism that she demands Muslims the world over swallow whole. In recent years, some in the American Muslim community have criticized Nomani for feeding into the stereotypes and prejudices they face. Some who once supported her progressive program have, more recently, found themselves at odds with her positions.

When Duke professor Omid Safi wrote about her drift in the direction of Islamophobia, she accused him of instigating a lynch mob of profanity-laced attacks that even targeted her child. Arguments, after all, require evidence and while she points to numerous examples around the world to support her claims about Islam and its supposed need for reform, the credibility of her judgment is ultimately premised on her sufferings.

Their didactic spiels offer to Muslims one of two options: Any hesitancy to adopt the former suggests wholesale acceptance of the latter.

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

The values they claim to champion — gender equality, nonviolence, rationality, and self-critique — are virtuous for sure, and ones that, in their view, any reasonable human being should welcome. The problem, though, is that they elevate themselves above the rest of the Muslim community and, looking down upon it from their throne of high morality, delineate the acceptable parameters of practicing religion.

It is against their world and its paradigms that all followers of Islam must measure themselves. She suggests five things that Muslims should change: Not all Muslims support these things.

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

But that's not really the point. Her checklist is an exercise in unyielding interpretation. She insists that Muslims modify how they read and digest the teachings of their religion, yet employs a dogmatic view of it herself.

Jihad, for her, comes in one flavor: Of rewards in a heavenly afterlife, Hirsi Ali again sees but a single possibility: Muslims hastening their death to get there. The false dichotomy she sets up ignores the possibility of a middle path, where the majority of the faithful flock. Channeling the reformist zeal of Martin Luther, she nailed it to the door of her masjid.

Asra Nomani and Seth MacFarlane highlight Real Time with Bill Maher

Among its demands are the right to mixed-gender prayer, the right to be greeted and addressed cordially, and the right to exemption from gossip and slander. Here again are honorable suggestions when taken at face value. For Nomani, mixed-gender prayer may be the holy grail of progressivism.

Her directives on bedroom behavior imply that what happens between the sheets of Muslim couples is usually disappointing if not deplorable, and can be chalked up to a normative culture of sexual degeneracy.

The sum of all of this is a confirmation of longstanding stereotypes of Islam as a patriarchal religion, the women of which are second-class citizens who kowtow to the despotic mandates of their husband-masters. As universities, think tanks, and media outlets extend their platforms, an arena of moral certitude is established that reinforces their narrative of an Islam-West divide, and thus grows the idea that the Muslim community should join the rest of the freethinking and edified world.


The two are propped up by the plush New England cushion of Ivy League schools. Hirsi Ali also enjoys the backing of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which she is a member, and the American Enterprise Institute. Those types of conversations bleed into other areas. The politicization of Islam in recent decades has created a thorny middle ground that joins theological discussions with political ones.

The result within the media is the idea that knowledge of one necessarily denotes knowledge of the other.

It is tempting to lust, hastily, after the values of liberalism without considering how the process of arriving at those values may undermine them altogether, in this case barreling so headstrong into the winds of Islamic reform that the voices of Muslims worldwide, who can articulate their desire and plans for such things if they wish, are lost as Hirsi Ali, Nomani, and their supporters buzz by them with a new and improved version of their religion.

The idea that reform is necessary has a haughty ring to it, anyways.

bill maher interview with asra nomani meet

It will be because those Muslims decided that such a thing was needed to begin with, and then, on their own accord, determined the religious path that best reflects their values.

The message of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani, and their troupe of fellow reformists presents to Americans and Europeans an opportunity to confirm their place in the global hierarchy of good values, and reinforce the woeful plight of Muslims who, in their view, would do well to adapt a verse from Psalms: