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Meet Director Resources · Online Payment · Contact · Search · IPL Records · Competition Results · Upcoming Meet List · IPL World Forum. Upcoming Meet List. June 10, – Utah State Championships · April , – IPL Fit Con World Cup. March 17, USPA Utah Bench & Deadlift Championships · Dec. THIS MEET IS FULL - Please contact Old Skool Iron here to be added to a wait list. Join us on Weighin SCHEDULE: Qualifier for IPL World Powerlifting, Benchpress, Deadlift Championship with a Master total.

The IPF has been criticized in some circles — and praised in others — for its strict judging: I have chosen to compete in the IPF and I find it to be well organized, and fairly and consistently judged. My personal opinion and experience. It was founded in and its presence is steadily growing in Canada and the US.

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They talk about their drug testing at the above link, but I can only attest to this as having seen drug tests handed out by meet directors as opposed to any official WADA agency.

This affords them the opportunity to use less expensive tests and test more athletes. This federation also uses a special squat bar, designed thicker and longer than standard bars, and a deadlift bar, thinner and more easily bent — to the advantage of the lifter. These federations are generally not drug tested and lifters can often choose between competing raw with knee sleeves, or raw with knee wraps.

These same federations host competitions for those who compete in multi-ply equipment squat suits, bench shirts, deadlifts suits — but made of multiple plies of material.

That being said, a number of these federations have recently become more consistent with standards and reffing calls, potentially due to internet backlash from a number of incidents.

Stacy Burr wins 1st Place at the Las Vegas IPL World Championships

The best way to find out more about these federations is to do some research yourself! Andrew Doupe took the bronze with a total. Silver went to Joe Mass, with his big pull and total. Submaster Rudy Garcia took a 4th attempt record BP of en route to his win and total.

John totaledusing a squat, bench, and huge pull. Jose had a great squat day, goingalong with a bench and deadlift to total Only one lifter competing in the open, but it was big Shawn Buckley, defending national and IPL champ. Three lifters vied in the masters class.

So You Wanna Be A Powerlifter? Breaking Down the Sport’s Federations

My long-time training partner Dave Contreras landed the silver, with an excellent day, going 3 for 3 in the squat with room to spare. The open division featured the third re-match between big Ben O'Brien and me.

As I had won the first two meets, been was on a mission and out for retribution. The third time proved to be the charm with Ben getting p. Ben's bench and total established new world records. Congrats Ben, see you at Worlds. Hubbel Richmond gained the bronze with his total. My other training partner, ageless Howard Myers, was overtrained, as was I. Defending champ Mike Tronske from OCSC had to withdraw from the competition due to suffering an injury during his opening bench.

Greg Baxter moved up tolifting in the master class. I know Greg wasn't entirely pleased with his results and look forward to seeing his performance at the IPL Worlds. Todd Kezerian took the silver with a total. In the bench press only, women's competitor Judy Camsuzou, lifting in the raw open and masterimpressed with a good record 4th attempt of In the women's single ply, it was Bernie Fuss, lifting in the open and master with her effort.

Nick I'Anson, lifting in the open and masteralso put up a fine In the mens' raw bench, master Boyd Huneycutt Jr. Paul Babineaux made lifting in the open. Teen Justin Woods, lifting atmade a good Junior lifter Joshua Lanham went In the open, Jad Wehbe went for the win over Justin Woods.

Winner in the open was Jeremy Davis with a big Second was awarded to Charles Martin, with a good Charles took the gold in the master class.

Master lifter John King took the gold in the open, with a bigedging out Jess Santos with a solid Joseph Mundo took the open with a Kent Russell landed the silver with a Dominic Licavoli, back on the platform after nearly 30 years, lifted in the master class, and made a fine Dominic has done some amazing lifting back in the 80's.

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Hope to see him on the platform again soon. In second was Patrick Rose with In the class, Larry Negriff pushed a huge In the class, The Beast, David Douglass made a big In the men's equipped bench, notables included master lifter Boyd Hunycutt'sMatthew Kinsell's openand Matthew Daisa's at Greg Powell lifting in the open made a big At masterJeff Hunter donned a shirt and put up a Alan Aerts doubled up and put a shirt on to make a solid on a 4th attempt.

Of note and lifting in the multi-ply was none other than big Scot Mendelson, who gave a ride, but it proved to be a bit much this time out. In the women's raw deadlift competition, Myra Balina, lifting in the open, made a huge In the master class, Nancy Navarette pulled a nice Linda Adam in the class went for a record 4th attempt and was successful with a big Lil Stewart, in the class also went for a record 4th attempt and made a great In the women's single ply deadlift competition, Anna Kelske lifting in the open went In the open and masterit was none other than Bernice Fuss going for and making a new record Silver in the open went to Jessica Borio, with a nice lift.