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I was wondering if people think that jake muller, new protagonist of RE 6 and son of Even his partnership/relationship with sherry birkin looks to be better .. And if there is anyone I would trust to do Vergil, it would be her. I think Sherry's going to remind Jake a lot of his mother and the care she gave him, This brings up the relation between Dante and Trish. daughter of William Birkin is going to cause some tension between her and Jake. Five times Sherry Birkin saved Jake Muller. And Sherry was gone. He couldn 't trust that fact would stop the bastard from taking another.

Several of these fics are based on those moments. Mostly, I was struck by how Jake and Sherry go through the campaign as Jake is remarkably not sexist or demeaning towards her for being a girl.

He, and through him the game, acknowledges everything that Sherry contributes to the adventure, and how Jake wouldn't have survived without her. So I wanted to flip the tables a bit, having Jake be the Distressed Dude with Sherry riding in to the rescue. I did my best to keep them IC throughout, of course, but you'll have to be the judge of how I did Chapter 1: Therefore, Jake had never really let himself consider the possibility of how it might happen before.

Jake Muller, Expy of Nero?

What was the point? He thought that, if he had, freezing to death would have been low on the list. Edonia could be cold in the winter, but there was usually shelter to be found, and he knew his way around city streets.

This was a snowstorm.

This was a blizzard, and Jake could barely see a foot in front of his face. And Sherry was gone. Looking for her had probably only gotten him more lost. Now, however, all was quiet, except for the howling of the wind and the whisper of the snow. He forced himself to keep walking, step after step, even as he shivered violently and felt important bits of him going numb with cold. If he could just get to it, he could warm up, get some feeling back in his fingers, and regroup before going out and looking for Sherry again.

She was probably okay, though. She was probably miserable and even more hopelessly lost that he was, but she was probably okay. Jake found himself cheered by the thought. It had been stupid enough to lose her. Jake sucked in a breath through frozen lungs to try again. He had to find her and drag her to safety. The response to his cry was a red light, lancing through the darkness, skittering across the snow and up his body to settle on his chest.

Jake attributed his delay in leaping out of the way to the cold in his legs. The shot rang out just as he hit the snow rolling. The bullet sent up a spray of snow, which mingled with the blizzard to briefly cut visibility even further. Jake tried to think quickly. Everything had been moving too quickly for him to tell which way the bullet had come from, and in this sort of environment, the firing of the gun had echoed too much for him to use that either.

Getting back up would only make him a target, so Jake stayed flat, and tried not to breathe, and kept his eyes on the snow around him for any sign of the red light of a sniper taking aim. Seconds ticked by, and then minutes.

Resident Evil 6 — the ninth main installment of the Resident Evil franchise, released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox in and the PC in as well as Playstation 4 and Xbox One in — features multiple campaigns with their own controllable characters, unique settings, gameplay styles, and tones.

The partner system from Resident Evil 5 also returns, and Capcom included additional multiplayer options to boot. Fifteen years after the Raccoon City Incident, President Adam Benford prepares to reveal everything about what happened on that day to the public. After Leon Kennedy arrives in Tall Oaks to discuss the reveal, he finds the President transformed into a zombie.

Leon kills the President to save Helena Harper, a Secret Service agent with a few secrets to hide, and the two then team up to escape Tall Oaks and discover the source of this new viral outbreak.

Along the way, they encounter the elusive Ada Wong — who still has an agenda of her own, natch — as well as a few new surprises. As the city becomes overrun with zombies and the global threat of the newly-discovered C-Virus becomes clearer, Chris has to decide who to trust in order to help save humanity. Alongside Chris and Leon's stories, a third story follows mercenary-for-hire and series newcomer Jake Muller as he teams up with Sherry Birkinwho wants to find a cure for the C-Virus.

As the illegitimate son of the late Albert Wesker, Jake's blood may hold the key to stopping this new threat to humanity, but Jake isn't exactly happy about having that responsibility thrust upon him. All three stories converge together as Chris, Leon, and Jake try to stop the parties responsible for the C-Virus outbreak and save the world — but has the world already been lost?

After clearing all three main scenarios — or not, if you have a patch — players gain access to a special fourth scenario that follows Ada's story. Resident Evil 6 contains the following tropes: One of the J'avo mutations turns them into this.

Some zombies have dynamite strapped to them, too. Even more action focused than the previous two main titleswith characters gaining an enormous freedom of movement sprint, dodge roll, use stop-and-pop cover, move while shooting, and slide on the ground and fire a la Max Payneand more melee attacks and counters than your average Beat 'em Up. Besides, like in Resident Evil 5the smarter enemies the J'avos in this case often also wield guns themselves, creating straight Third-Person Shooter segments.

J'avo are supposed to mutate in response to how you've wounded them. They might grow a big nasty tentacle arm or two, a sickle-like armturn one arm into a bulletproof shieldfall flat on their back and start releasing poison gas, grow a thorax with multiple limbs that enables them to Wall Crawlgrow grasshopper-like legs that allow them to jump high and kick, grow moth-like wings under their abdomen, grow two caterpillar-like appendages that wrap themselves and explodeor grow a pincer-like head.

That's if they don't cocoon themselves in ooze and pop out as a big nasty monster. Though one of the major sources behind the C-Virus outbreak, in the past, he took care of the orphaned Sherry and allowed Claire Redfield to visit her regularly.

Claire questions this facade and encourages Sherry to do so as well. Almost every Resident Evil game is about a male and a female teaming up or, if split up, you have the option of choosing which to play as.

Chris and Piers are the first-ever guy-and-guy team in the main numbered franchise. The firearms are all based off of real guns, but several of them are frankenstein hybrids of various guns, and all of them are given generic or punny names.

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Which is weird, given that its immediate predecessor actually did use and name real firearms, besides a couple fictional ones and the "Lightning Hawk" stand-in for the Desert Eagle carried over to this game. All There in the Manual: The explanation for most of what's really going on is in the files. You only get files for shooting hidden snake symbols, they're not in-universe documents your character finds lying around.

You also have to quit out of the game entirely and read the documents from the main menu, so while you have very little to distract you from the action, you also don't know the whole story when you're running around. Even worse is the stuff on RE. Jake's opinion of his dad and his treatment of Chris makes a lot more sense with that information.

All Your Powers Combined: So we get zombies with insectoid features, multiple tumor-like eyesand a Healing Factor that sometimes freaks out and turns them into a really icky version of the Hulk. A Million Is a Statistic: When Chris is about to get revenge on Carla for the deaths of his men, Leon is quick to remind him of the big picture.

Piers gets his arm heavily damaged in the final battle and forcibly amputates it to get to the C-Virus sample. The C-Virus injection gives him a new arm that shoots electricity. The Edonia chapters take place on December 24th and 25th. Doesn't get much attention because they're halfway across the globe and in a war zone.

The Prelude is just a Flash Forward to Leon Chapter 5 that is modified for tutorial purposes, while Chris Chapter 2 is a flashback set six months before the rest of his campaign. This entry introduces a massively influential global conspiracy into the mythology, known as The Family. They apparently formed the modern world of the games, and have a history that stretches back to the Colonial Era at least. And the Adventure Continues: Every surviving character ends the game getting ready to enter the next battle.

And Then John Was a Zombie: Oh, and the friggin' President of the United States becomes a zombie, and Leon has to shoot him. RE6 has this in spades. And This Is for Said by Helena after she and Leon finally defeat Simmons, in revenge for her sister. Messing up certain Quick Time Events enough times and the game will just silently accept whatever input the player makes so long as it was pressed at the right time.

Amateur difficulty automatically completes every event without needing player input. And Your Reward Is Clothes: Only in Mercenaries mode though a huge contrast from previous titles, which allowed the player to use alternate outfits in the main scenario.

Another Side, Another Story: Although there are some story intersections in earlier chapters specifically with Chris and Jake at Edonia and then Leon and Ada at Tall Oaksall four campaigns begin to converge into a common outcome when everyone arrives at Langshiang.

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An Offer You Can't Refuse: Helena only aided Neo-Umbrella in the Tall Oaks outbreak because Simmons was holding her little sister hostage. Unfortunately for her, Simmons has no intention of making good on their deal and uses said little sister for C-Virus experiments. Chris and Piers' campaign has them needing to take out anti-aircraft cannons before being able to get an airstrike on the Ogroman.

While the AI is substantially improved over RE5's, given that it has both infinite health and ammo except in certain circumstances, such as an incoming ambulance which can kill the AI partneryour partner can still be found lacking. It sometimes takes much longer than necessary to reach gates with the player, sometimes outright ignores the player while they are in a downed state, and fails to reliably rescue the player during certain set-pieces.

Of the genetics variety, and we don't mean the viruses found all over the series. The game plays Jake Muller up as Albert Wesker's son, and thus inheriting antibodies from him that allow him to resist the C-Virus. Antibodies come from the mother's side, not the father's. What's more, Wesker got his immunity boon after Jake, who's 20 years old, would have been born.

This appears to be referenced with Jake inheriting Wesker's speed and strength just in time to pummel the Ustanak hand-to-hand despite previously being helpless against it, possibly helped along by the C-Virus he was injected with earlier in the year.

Again, Wesker gained such powers as a result of biomutagenic tampering, after Jake would have been born. Worth noting about the above two, however, is that Albert Wesker was mentioned in RE 5 as having been "manufactured" for compatibility with the Progenitor Virus as part of the Wesker Children, of which the C-Virus is a descendant of.

In addition, the fact that he had been an associate of Umbrella since combined with the aforementioned Wesker Children means there's enough small details in existing canon that could be used as a handwave for any such inconsistencies with real world biology. The caverns and ruins that Leon and Helena go through beneath the Tall Oaks cathedral.

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Nevermind the fact that the two of them go for miles through underwater tunnel currents fighting against a giant infected shark, the place is absolutely massive and makes not even a single lick of geographical sense. If that weren't bad enough, it keeps going lower, and lower, and lower, and yet when the duo have to escape, they pop up through the lake right outside of the city.

One of the survivors in Tall Oaks is a sociopathic survival-focused Jerkass named Peter, who, after loudly and repeatedly demonstrating his lack of concern for his fellow survivors' lives even his girlfriend's! The only person remotely upset when he promptly gets eaten by a zombie is his now-ex girlfriend.

Attack of the Foot Whatever: