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World of Warcraft has taken many steps to separate PvP from PvE in terms I made guides talking about how to best play the hand we were dealt Why are 2 or 3 other specializations raised to similar power levels (if not higher?) . the devs will right their wrongs eventually and put rogues back on track. 4 days ago This guide tells you everything you need to know to play Elemental Shaman in Lava Shock stacks, which results in the maximum burst. In the current state of PvP, Elemental Shaman will often be targeted due to . 20% of your maximum health when your health is brought below 35%. .. WOW GUIDES. Make sure you have a macro binded to switch between your +35 Agility War I don't have the burst to take them down, and this results in a big fail. . (Arena Junkies - World of Warcraft PvP Strategy and Discussion). . This is also a very hard duel, just below the difficulty of defeating a Shadow Step rogue.

I personally like using Wound Poison on my throwing weapon, especially since Fan of Knives now uses our throwing weapon's poison and damage. We still continue to use our energy and combo point mechanics to deal damage to our targets. We really don't have any proc-based or reactionary abilities in our arsenal, which is a major difference between us and every other class.

Rogue rotations are as routine as clockwork, while other classes play more like whack-a-mole. Major and minor glyphs Feel free to choose your own minor glyphsas they're really not going to affect you in any major way. I personally like Blurred Speed and Safe Fall for their utility effects, and Glyph of Poisons is pretty sweet as well. Major glyphs are similarly genericalthough there are a few exceptions.

The Tricks of the Trade major glyph saves us energy and is therefore a clear standout. The Glyph of Feint is also incredibly valuable if you're going to be using Feint at all in a fight, saving you significant amounts of energy. The Fan of Knives glyph can be potent if you need to AoE down a large group of enemies, although its radius is already pretty large.

If you're going to be keeping up Expose Armor for your group, the EA glyph is an easy call. Combat rogues will want to invest in the Blade Flurry major glyphas it significantly improves the usability and performance of Blade Flurry. Stat changes With the shakeup of stats in Cataclysmour priorities have shifted significantly. Agility is now the king of all available statsas it is now our primary source of attack power, providing 2 AP per point of agility. Attack power and armor penetration have been removed, leaving expertise, critical strike, haste, mastery, and hit ratings as our secondary options.

Hit and expertise are typically incredibly high on our valuation charts until their respective caps, while the other stats vary in potency based on spec and amounts. Haste is particularly powerful due to its new function: We regenerate extra energy as we acquire more haste. A master of poisons Assassination's focus is dealing massive poison damage, and it stays true to that paradigm in Cataclysm.

It's currently projected to be the front-runner at level 85, although much can change between now and then. Assassination has a new, sharper rotation and provides a great mix of burst and sustained damage, giving it the potency needed for both solo and group play.

Healer's trinket on CD: Immediately switch on the healer. In that point, the healer's main concern is saving his teammate, so he will be forced to cast something.

Be ready with an interrupt and possibly overpower to inflict UA if interrupt fails. Burst on him until you manage to put him in a critical condition which then you can use to create a kill opportunity. This is how I personally would do it. So if any of the veteran warriors have a different opinion then I would like to know it. You can control the healer when a target is near death and stop the healer from doing anything for a long time, or maybe a VERY long time if the whole team, synced their CCs together.

You can do this to stop the healer while your teammate bursts on the kill target and kills him. I stated this point in random tips section. Your chance of killing a guy with pet increases ALOT by killing his pet. Always when you have more than 1 near each other especially in 3v3, use Piercing Howl to slow them all down. Make this a habit for yourself and keep using this.

Saves you and your team from alot of unneeded problems. Like a priest running unkited can reach your teammates faster and give them an 8 second fear.

The importance of this tip is big, this can save your healer from getting pressured into a position or a condition that might make the game harder for the team. Also makes it harder for the enemies to switch on anyone other than the guy near them, which should be you in this case. This, and this alone is what your class is known for. Never let MS expire on your targets. If this runs out, then a single heal can restore alot of the target's health and there won't be much pressure to kill anything.

Whenever you are fighting vs a caster or a healer and it proc, wait for a few seconds before using it, the target might cast something that you can use your overpower on. Says it pretty much. Sometimes your targets run behind the pillar or far away and you find yourself chasing them until you LoS your healer or get far from him. This is called "baiting". The other team sometimes does that to force you to follow them until you LoS your healer and thus cutting off your source of life.

Not unless you are fully healed and maybe Hotted up to safely chase them or unless one of them is almost going to die, then do so carefully and make sure to manage the situation properly. Always try to be in your healer's line of sight. I have seen warriors popping recklessness or retaliation in the wrong situations.

Some of them popped reck or retaliation when the opposite team was bursting. By popping reck or retal, you become unable to defend yourself temporarily and thus the bursting team has a great chance in killing you in that moment. Make sure you burst only when you have the leverage in the fight.

Medallion is only used when a VERY important situation calls for it. Will you or your partner die? If the answer is no, then don't trinket no matter what happens. If the answer is yes, then trinket while keeping in mind that you should be ready to counter another possible CC. So the situations of using trinket are these two: To save yourself or someone and it's absolutely crucial. To kill someone whose health is critical enough to sacrifice your trinket for it.

Something I noticed from my thousands of losses, is that I hesitated in most of the matches that I lost. I didn't play confidently and I had some doubts and fears in myself. Do not fall in that mistake. Even if you did the tactics wrong in a match, keep fighting with full confidence until you can control the situation and turn things around.

A warrior with fear and doubt is like a blade with rust, no matter how shiny and powerful it looks, it will eventually break. Duel Tactics Vs Mage: The key of victory here is attacking with your full power when the frost shield is down. The best way to deal with frost shield is using rend and possibly ranged attacks like throws and using your ranged weapon when you are immobilized. Also using reflects as effectively as possible. Getting CD-notifier addons like Aesa and Afflicted3 will make it much easier for you to reflect instant spells like deep freeze.

Proper gear and setup: Start with alot of resil and health. Throughout the whole fight you will be on a constant health regeneration, due to slows and immobilizes.

Encrypted Text: A Cataclysm guide for rogues

The safest way to go vs mages is saving your charges for the best of situations. Having improved hamstring helps a bunch vs these guys. Start on a mount with enough rage, run to the guy and immediately hamstring and rend him.

Use Charge to force him to blink then use intercept. It's always a good idea to intercept after they blink. Know that when a mage uses this, he is about to deal a tremendous amount of damage to you. Pop defensive cooldowns or skeleton key, and possibly spell reflect sometimes, when the mage activates Icy Veins.

Because when a mage activates Icy Veins, a Deep freeze will surely follow to make you unable to reflect or pop any kind of defensive CDs. Most mages will pop Icy Veins first then deep freeze you and burst on you. Pop trinket when you or the mage's life is in danger.

Encrypted Text: A Cataclysm 101 guide for rogues

This is the game-breaking step, so be careful. This step depends on your sixth sense of how much advantage you will gain if you popped trinket. Let's say the mage sheeped you at the start of the duel when you haven't done any damage to him. At that point you will gain nothing from trinketting But let's say that the mage is in a critical situation and you are absolutely sure you can kill him, then it's time to trinket and possibly get a charge or intercept then deal max damage.

Also, when a mage deep freezes you and has Icy Veins on him and you can possibly die from his attack, then it's very advisable to save the trinket for that situation. Be careful about one thing though When fighting vs good mages, if they get low, they will double-cast sheep to counter your trinket.

So keep that in your mind. Counter fake, double and reversed casts: This step requires a good latency and a bit of awareness. When a mage wants to make sure you stay in CC, he will follow the first sheep with another possible cast of sheep to counter your trinket.

So wait a bit before using your trinket. This step is usually done by seasoned and experienced mages. Reverse sheep is when the mage is low in health and he aims to cast Polymorph on your spell reflect so it gets reflected back at him and he gets healed by it. If the mage is low in health and he does that, cancel your reflect. If you want to avoid the sheep by him, you can either bash him, fear him, intercept him, or go in Bladestorm mode.

Usually when mages summon this pet, it means the mage now has an extra immobilization spell and extra damage. Whenever you get in melee range of this guy, bash his cast and rend him and kill him whenever it's safe.

This pet is a good source for Overpower procs. This step is something that I do personally, I don't know if it's good or bad, and I don't know if it will be of any use for you, but as soon as the mage gets out of Ice Block, I fear him. You can force him to use trinket using this step.

Rogues will always start in stealth and aim for your back, this much everyone knows. But very few of these people noticed the secret in that fact; attacking from back.

Knowing this much, I knew how to counter rogues openings by giving my back to walls and LoS objects. This alone pissed off 3 or 4 of some good rogues and they called me gay for it lol.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of this counter-move and was glad it worked. Anyways let's focus on regular fights where nothing guards your back and the rogue gets his chance to start on you. First you need to go in defensive stance and equip shield and 1h wep and if possible have resilience gear set with corroded skeleton key on.

You might get sapped at first, don't use berserker rage and just wait it out.

WotLK [PvP Guide] Medios's Arms warrior

Now he will cheap shot you secondsthen kidney shots you seconds. Now you have two scenarios to deal with this situation and you can choose one of them, either trinket the first kidney like I usually do or wait it out. In both ways, you have to try getting behind the rogue immediately and rending him, or use piercing howl and try to get some distance from the rogue, possibly using Bladestorm if you are slowed as well, and then charge and rend.

There are other ways in which you can get a rend on the rogue in different situations: You are slowed and dead-zoned by the rogue. He keeps running around you and keeping you locked in that deadzone. If you go away from him, he gets in. If you go in, he gets out from your melee range. Here's a simple way to counter this situation: First use piercing howl on him and get him slowed. Now that you're sure he's slowed, go in.

Go to his direction until you make him move away from you to the other direction. Some rogues will immediately shadow-step you and try to dismantle you, so you better do this step fast enough.

Trinket the kidney and use fear, run and charge and rend. But this doesn't always work. Getting a rend from the rogue's back: Players can't avoid hits from their backs, even if they have popped evasion or whatever.

You can try getting a rend from a rogue's back. Maybe pop retaliation sometimes just to make them try running away and give you their backs?

Also, Make sure you got Aesa or any addon that tells you when DR wears off of you, if you want to know when a reset is coming your way, in case you want to be ready with a defensive CD.

Just charge in and rend, MS, and do some damage and make sure you can get OP to proc. If he uses fear, zerk it and intercept in, and make sure you try bashing the second fake cast as soon as it starts. Good Spriests will almost always fake cast the first VT If your bash fails and you have reflect ready and no Overpower, run away from the priest and reflect his VT while running, then intercept in and charge in, just to keep him busy until bash or overpower comes back.

Make sure to BS immediately if you manage to silence the priest, since his disarm is shadow-school. Use heroic strike to increase your burst on him.

Things to keep in mind: Aim for and anticipate the second incoming fake-cast and bash it as soon as it starts. This is the best way to bash vs good Spriests. Recklessness for second fear: There will be 2 fears when you fight vs Spriests.

The first can be easily countered by Zerk rage while the second one is the dangerous one. To counter the second one, you will need to pop recklessness or Bladestorm. Get Aesa to know when the fear will be ready. Get UA as much as possible. This is a killer step to win vs Spriests. Even if you end up getting VTed, as long as there is a UA on him, you can still out-damage him.

When your spell reflect, Overpower, Shield bash is on cooldown, you can stop the priest's casts with running away and charge and intercept and fear until your wanted skills get refreshed. Only use it after the priest fears. Especially the second one.

Intercept the priest when his disperse is about to end. You can sacrifice spell reflect and use it as a decoy for the spriest to cast a VT that you can foresee.