What is the relationship between education and wealth

Interaction between Education and Household Wealth on the Risk of Obesity in Women in Egypt

what is the relationship between education and wealth

"By some estimates, income and wealth are near their highest levels in the . The relationship between education and wealth is also strong. For women with the highest level of education, there was little evidence of an association between wealth and obesity (OR; 95%CI: ; , in /95 . The accumulated wealth grows much faster for individuals with a higher level of education.

The key relationship was obvious over all part states, however the most essential uniqueness between compensation by bearing level was in Portugal — the common hourly advantage there were three times higher than for those with a low level of planning.

Study on Low Tuition in Turkey: The wealthiest European nation by capita, for instance, is Luxembourg, where occupants with a sporadic state of planning make twofold those with the most reduced level of heading.

What is the Relationship Between Education and Wealth?

Parity this with the nation with the most irrelevant GDP per capita, Bulgaria, where the capability in compensation between the scarcest and most instructed tenants is essentially more than twofold. To be honest, getting ready level and business prospects appear to relate far and wide. An examination did by the International Labor Organization found that tertiary rule in making nations instigated a higher shot of securing stable work, and getting more cash.

Stephen Hawking is an author at Essay Corp. Stephen is a substance and scholarly author He adores to help understudies with their assignments. Methods Four datasets of women of reproductive age from the Egyptian Demographic and Health Surveys spanning the period — are used to examine two distinct time periods: The association in the two time periods between education level and household wealth in relation to the odds of being obese is examined, and the interaction between the two socioeconomic indicators investigated.

What is the Relationship Between Education and Wealth?

Estimates are adjusted for age group and area of residence. Conclusion In the present study, wealth appears to be a risk factor for obesity in women with lower education levels, while women with higher education are protected.

what is the relationship between education and wealth

The findings also suggest that a reversal in the social distribution of obesity risk is occurring which can be explained by the large increase in obesity levels in lower socioeconomic groups between the two time periods.

Introduction A worldwide obesity epidemic is unfolding [1]. The prevalence of a Body Mass Index BMI greater than thirty is increasing globally and at a much faster rate in low- and middle-income henceforth, lower income countries compared with high income countries [1][2].

what is the relationship between education and wealth

Obesity has been linked to several major chronic diseases, including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, selected cancers, gallbladder disease, asthma, osteoarthritis, and chronic back pain [3]. Obesity has reached particularly alarming levels in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region [5]especially in Egypt — one of the most populous countries in the world [6]. While obesity in emerging economies is increasingly recognised as a problem, the social distribution of obesity risk within these populations is disputed [10][11].

The Connection Between Education and Wealth

Multi-country studies in Europe [12] and Latin America [8] support the hypothesis that obesity risk shifts from high to lower socioeconomic status SES groups as economic development proceeds [13]. They observe that in lower income countries obesity levels are greater among high socioeconomic groups a high SES-high adiposity associationwhile in high income countries, like the US and Western Europe, obesity levels are greater among low socioeconomic groups an inverse or low SES-high adiposity association.

More recent analyses of lower income country data present conflicting reports as to whether the SES-adiposity association is displaying the expected reversal [10][11][15].

what is the relationship between education and wealth

However, partly due to data limitations, the majority of studies focus on a single SES indicator. In my opinion, there is no way to determine the absolute value of a college education — it depends on the degree you get, how you use it, how productive you are, the career field you choose, and many other factors.

Education and Wealth

I am a college graduate and recognize the value of a college degree, but I also know that is not the only way to be successful. There are dozens of jobs and career fields which do not require a college degree.

what is the relationship between education and wealth

The key is being able to provide value and results. As a follow-up, I wrote the following article which examined: How Much a College Degree is Worth. This article includes an infographic which shows the average value of various levels of education, starting at a high school diploma and ending at a professional degree. But keep in mind these are average lifetime earnings and there will always be situations outside the mean.

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While that percentage might seem small, it shows that obtaining wealth, extreme wealth in this case, is possible without a degree. Just look at the difference between the starting salaries of the low college paying degrees and the highest paying college degrees as an example of the salary ranges people experience. It all depends on the professional field you enter and how you perform in it.