How to get a better relationship with your horse

How to Create a Special Bond with a Horse by Mary D. Midkiff

how to get a better relationship with your horse

“Spending time with your horse doing non-ridden activities can have huge with your horse rather than riding adds a different dimension to your relationship. Play is great for spook busting and bomb-proofing your horse. As you get close to your horse, hold your hand out to You may also get a pretty good idea of why your. ​I have not been able to spend a great deal of time with my horses recently. However, even in the short time I have spent with them I have been.

You are always a team working together.

How can I build a better bond with my horse?

Think of it as holding hands while you walk with a special partner, walking in unison with your horse is a warm feeling of physical connection and pride that you have for each other. Once you have your horse tied, start your grooming first by checking his feet.

His feet need to be cleaned out and check his shoes. If all that is in order, then you can move on. I like to clean out my horse's nostrils with a damp rag and wipe around his mouth and eyes to get rid of dust, dirt, pollen and crud from the flies and grazing.

I then apply InBalance essential oil around his muzzle and nostrils, over his cheeks and all over his ears. The aromatherapy will be working while I am grooming and tacking up. He loves the oils I use and goes off into horse dreamland while I am preparing to ride. It also acts as an insecticide which we both like during these hot summer months.

Bonding can also come from your hands as you help relieve discomfort and pain.

How can I build a better bond with my horse?

Depending on my schedule, I will groom him and may give him a couple of little massages and stretches, or go into a lengthy massage and stretch session or administer some acupressure and magnet therapy before saddling up.

I may just have enough time for a mouth massage, or I may work on his neck for a few minutes, or I might focus on loosening his hips. Get you hands really involved with your horse. Become a horse detective with your hands and feel the tone of the muscles and notice what they need to be healthy, notice the knots or adhesions, notice any areas of heat and lightly massage any little swellings away. If he has bug bites I like to put cooling rubbing alcohol on the welts. While I am working with him, I always have him stand 4 square on the floor, no resting the hind legs as I always want him to stay "into" his hind feet and support his weight equally.

It also reaffirms positive posture and support throughout his body for clear thinking and feeling. He can rest his hind leg during his free time.

how to get a better relationship with your horse

Already, with this routine and this approach I am creating a deep friendship. I am giving him comfort, relief, relaxation, full trust in my presence with him, and an understanding of my good intentions.

My touch is always soft but present and in full contact with his body. If I do scare him accidentally or make a mistake, I apologize to him and stroke him telling him "I'm sorry, I made a mistake".

They do understand and appreciate the apology. Horses are forgiving when you are open to ask for forgiveness. They make mistakes, we make mistakes but the key is in the trust through those mistakes and a positive recovery. Recently, Mary Ann Simonds www. This is the area where horses nuzzle each other in the wild and it is a calming space.

how to get a better relationship with your horse

I hold the reins with one hand and stroke with the other and talk to my horse. This technique will only deepen the bond between you. When you are done riding and exercising, and after you dismount, wait just a minute and reward your horse with lots of praise and rubbing between the ears. They love it and appreciate it and will want to give to you again. Then loosen the girth or cinch, run up the stirrups if you are riding English and take your horse by the noseband and ask him to walk forward with you.

Remembering your released back and ground exercises. After taking the tack off, allow your horse to go into his stall or pen and roll or urinate or drink, whatever.

how to get a better relationship with your horse

Then when he's done you can take him to be washed off and cleaned up. Use warm water anytime you wash off your horse as you do not want his back or any part of his body bracing against the cold water.

How to Get Your Horse to Trust You: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

When you finally put him away leave him with an apple or some carrots or a treat in his feed bucket or tub. I like to feed treats in their feed tubs instead of by hand whenever possible, especially if they are busy mouthy types. If you have this kind of approach to your horse partner every time you are with them, whether you have plenty of time or are in a hurry, you will be creating that bond that you have been looking for.

how to get a better relationship with your horse

Then, your horse will understand you too! Liberty Training From here on you start with the 8 connection-exercises from the Liberty Training. These are exercises that you can do with a horse that is not attached to a rope in riding arena, a big paddock or the meadow.

Here you should initially work on the friendship and mutual trust.


This is the most crucial thing if you want to develop a strong bond. During the Liberty Training you will obviously learn more than building a bond. You can learn how to give more confidence to an anxious horse, help your horse that was traumatized by something in the past, overcome dominant behaviour, … Establishing leadership is also important, meaning you can lead your horse whenever it is necessary.

how to get a better relationship with your horse

This will come in handy during groundwork and riding also. You also learn how to step out of your role as trainer so a deeper connection can be formed.

This is definitely not good for the relationship with your horse! Groundwork After Horsefulness Liberty Training you can move over to Groundwork where you can do fun things with your horse, such as going out for a walk, doing different groundwork exercisesmaybe some clickertraining… It is up to you to find out what your horse likes. Both parties will then gain trust and a feeling of togetherness. Togetherness is really important for horses, it gives them inner peace.